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&flix airs the spooky supernatural mystery ‘Insidious’ this Saturday!

Finding your dream home is a monumental task. But what do you do
when your new home has horrors waiting to unfold? #LeapForth into the dark unknown as &flix, the
destination for the biggest Hollywood hits, is all set to air the supernatural thriller ‘Insidious’. Airing
as a part of the ongoing property Scary Mornings, the film is sure to terrify viewers in broad daylight
on Saturday, March 16 at 11AM.
A story of two doting parents Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai Lambert (Rose Byrne), Insidious
revolves around the adventures of the family of five who finally settle in a new house. Little do they
know that ‘the ghost in the attic’ is no more just an amusing tale. The life of this happy family comes
to a standstill when their eldest son meets with a freak accident in the attic as he slips into an
inexplicable coma. With paranormal forces using their son’s body as vessel, Josh and Renai must
employ all possible means to defeat the darkness that surrounds their family.
The first instalment in a successful franchise series, Insidious has bagged multiple nominations and
won the Best Horror Film Award category at the Fright Meter Awards.
Join the family in their frightening endeavour to defeat the demons, this Saturday, March 16 at

11AM only on &flix.

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