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Gantchhora: Three stories connected with destiny

Marriage is destined, made in heaven, and consummated on earth. When two unknown people irrespective of their background and culture decide to hold each other’s hand because the almighty has planned so. Such relationships are made by God and that’s why we think they say that marriages are made in heaven. Keeping the same in mind Star Jalsha is all set to present ‘Gantchhora’ a beautiful unique journey of two different families who will meet through a marriage which is decided by bidhata (God).

The term Gantchhora means a bond, a bond that is completely based on our fate, a bond that is made up of love and promises. However, not everything that we want always happens. Destiny has its plans for us all.

The audience will be overwhelmed watching this never seen before the beautiful story of three Bhattacharya sisters getting entwined with the lives of three Singharoy brothers with a special twist because destiny has planned something totally different for them.

The three Bhattacharya sisters Dyuti, Khori, and Bonny are from a middle-class Bengali family. Despite being sisters, they are very different from each other, and individually they have their dreams. On the other hand, the three Singharoy brothers Riddhiman, Rahul, and Kunal hail from a rich diamond merchant family. The three Singharoy brothers have different natures and hobbies.

The serial will be presenting the dramatic changes that will affect the lives of the Bhattacharya sisters and the Singharoy brothers as they come to know each other.

In this lovelorn drama, the character of Dyuti will be played by Shreema, the character of Khori will be played by none other than Solanki and the new actress Anushka will play the role of Bonny. The character of Riddhiman will be played by none other than Gaurav, the character of Rahul will be played by Aninda and Riyaz will be playing the role of Kunal.

In this beautiful saga of love, audiences will love to see Solanki and Gaurav working together as a couple for the first time on the screen where their characters will be poles apart but still, the flame of love will attract the opposite poles closer to each other. Solanki has worked before in Jalsha with landmark show Prathama Kadombini, and we have seen Gourab in the popular show Badhubaron.

Speaking on this occasion, the channel spokesperson said," The term Gantchhora means a bond, a bond that is completely based on our fate, a bond that is made up of love and promises. However, not everything that we want always happens, destiny has its plans for us. We are sure the concept of Gantchhora to become another iconic show in Bengal that will definitely connect with our audience, and we are certain that our viewers will be delighted to watch the show.”

Watch Gantchhora from 20th December 2021 onwards, Mon-Sun at 7 pm only on Star Jalsha SD and Star Jalsha HD.


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