Glad to be part of multiple new age storytelling formats: Vikrant Massey

Men’s wear brand DaMENSCH has announced its collaboration with actor Vikrant Massey for, what it calls, world’s first ‘500-Day Warranty Collection’. To resonate with this innovative collection, the brand has rolled out a campaign featuring Massey to promote the concept of #MoveFastLiveSlow.

DaMENSCH states that this collection is for men who move fast yet live slow, because they like to pause, ponder and appreciate what they do. On the choice of Vikrant Massey as the face of the collection, DaMENSCH states that in a world of fast-moving superstars, Massey truly believes in the saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience”.

As an actor, Massey chooses to create quality over quantity, because quality is timeless and never goes out fashion. In conversation with Adgully, Vikrant Massey speaks about his collaboration with DaMENSCH’s campaign, content consumption in the current times, growth of the OTT landscape, and more.

Tell us more about the campaign. What’s the objective of the communication behind it?

As an actor, Vikrant Massey believes that creating quality over quantity will always result in becoming someone who’s timeless and relevant. The campaign by DaMENSCH explores the idea of #MoveFastLiveSlow through Vikrant to define their world’s first ever 500-day warranty fashion collection. This collection is all about quality that is built to last. Moving away from the idea of fast fashion and wardrobe pile ups.

The objective is to raise awareness among a whole new audience who are yet to hear about the brand DaMENSCH and to encourage them to upgrade their wardrobe constants to one with a 500-day warranty.

What motivated you to collaborate with DaMENSCH’s #MoveFastLiveSlow campaign?

I’ve always believed that we’re here to make something that stands the test of time. To do that, it’s important to stay within my comfort zone and yet thrive. That’s what DaMENSCH is all about - a comfort zone of fashion. And The 500-day Warranty Collection is proof that quality will always be timeless and never go out of fashion. I love the apparels from this range as it is exactly what I prefer to style myself in – effortless, efficient, long lasting and meaningful. I fully live by the concept of moving fast, yet living it slow.

Which products from the DaMENSCH fashion collection do you like?

The thermo-regulating Polo T-Shirts are pure amazing, cooling down my body during long, hot days of shoot. The Tees, Shorts and Joggers are super soft and lightweight, super comfortable on the body. I’ve tried the Chino shorts, which have a stretch unlike anything I’ve seen.

What’s the concept behind the tagline “Move Fast Live Slow”?

Moving fast in our world is inevitable. It’s how we aspire to grow. But even as we do so, some men like to pause, ponder and question why. This helps them create something more meaningful – of more quality than quantity; more timeless than just adherence to timeliness. Hence, DaMENSCH encourages people to #MoveFastLiveSlow.

How has your experience been so far with this campaign?

The campaign is launched with a film, where I’m seen moving at my own pace even as the world around me is blurred and fast paced. It conveys the message that we are all here to appreciate every second of our life and doing so needs us to take things slow, even as we move fast. I believe the campaign will see many people relating to and understanding the message, hopefully it will also encourage them to imbibe what DaMENSCH is conveying in their own life.

What are your views and observations on content consumptions during these times?

I see the world around me constantly swiping, scrolling and skimming through content mindlessly. Not many really pause and appreciate what they’re engaging with. In such a world, it’s critical to remind people that even on a fast platform like Instagram, it’s important to say just take a deep breath for 5 seconds, or close and meditate for a minute or just pause, read through and look at the effort put behind creating one post.

We will all feel a lot more at peace if we start doing so.

Do you think OTT provides a wider choice of roles that help actors to explore their fullest potential, as compared to television?

While television is still a mainstay in most households, OTT seems to be bringing in an older generation of audiences too. Because of this, it’s finally becoming a space where all kinds of scripts and stories are encouraged so as to capture different segments of viewers. Given that the technology of OTT is easier to manipulate than television, I’m glad to see and be part of multiple new age storytelling formats, allowing me greater opportunities to grow and create quality over quantity.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

A lot of exciting projects are lined up for the coming year. Pawan Kriplani’s directorial ‘Gaslight’ with Sara Ali Khan, ‘Blackout’ with Mouni Roy, ‘Sector 36’ by Maddock Films and really thrilled for ‘Mumbaikar’ with Vijay Sethupathy and directed by Santosh Sivan. There are four more films yet to be announced, hence cannot reveal much about them officially. I’m looking forward to some promising work in the coming days!


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