GREY Singapore launches gamified tutorial KEEP OFF

Since the beginning of the pandemic, adults around the world have been teaching children everyday actions to reduce the spread of germs. This includes the constant reminder to wash their hands frequently and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, to name a few.

During one of their conference calls in Singapore, GREY realised many of their employees, several of whom are parents, highlighted how their young ones don’t fully understand what the pandemic is about and sometimes struggle to follow instructions to stay as safe as possible from the virus. GREY felt something more effective was needed to get this tough audience to adhere to the hygiene messages and to start following hygiene instructions as second nature, so they stay especially vigilant and safe during these challenging times.

This spurred the agency, and Heartifact Studios, a game developer, to create a gamified tutorial to help parents around the world in getting their kids to adopt various steps into their daily play & hygiene routine. As the world re-opens and young children are exposed to public spaces, summer activities, or even simply staying home - play with proper hygiene habits is more essential than ever.

The interactive tutorial comprises of multiple levels, and each level aims to educate the kids on one specific action to help keep COVID-19 away. The kids are tasked to make sure their character follows & maintains hygiene steps to unlock to the next level. Each level illustrates key takeaways such as; wearing masks, cleaning toys, social distancing, washing hands, and more.

By introducing the children to familiar scenarios they face daily, the game serves as a utility to help parents and teachers in getting young children to adopt safe habits as they adapt to the new normal.

“Not for profit, no hidden brand agendas, just a simple effort to help those with little people running around the house or where they can’t always keep an eye on them - to adopt a new muscle memory,” said Aaron Phua, Executive Creative Director, Grey Singapore.

Access to the game is open to everyone all over the globe and is available for all devices at:


Campaign Nameļ¼šKEEP OFF – Less Contact, Less Risk


Creative Agency: Grey Singapore

Chief Executive Officer: Konstantin Popovic

Executive Creative Director: Aaron Phua

Art Director/Illustrator: Eslyn Heng


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