Growth of digital marketing in the food industry

Growth of digital marketing in the food industry
Growth of digital marketing in the food industry

Authored by Divya Batra, Marketing Head, Haldiram Snacks Pvt.Ltd


The Hospitality or Food Industry has grown by leaps and bounds. The world has become a village and allowed everyone to taste the unheard culinary joys. With travel adding to the taste buds, it has become essential for the food industry to ride on this wave. It is where Digital Marketing adds to its spread. There are various reasons for brands to step up their digital game aggressively. 

Broadens Brand Visibility 

A good brand gets a certain amount of visibility with accurate publicity. And these days, digital marketing enables food brands to become noticeable beyond their periphery, courtesy of the digital reach being bigger than regular branding. It creates a positive recognition beyond the physical boundaries. And this visibility lasts longer. Digital engagement lets brands become sort-after in the long run with little investment.  

Offer More With Digital Marketing

A food brand connects with a wide variety of consumers. A brand can create several niche strategies aimed at a particular group and provide tailor-made offers. Each will be as distinct as chalk and cheese. Digital Marketing is where the chance to be consumer-specific comes into the picture. Digital marketing makes it much easier to send a plethora of offers rather quickly and send them to various consumers at little cost and instantly.

Increasing Sales 

With everyone online, it is easier for brands to get closer to the customer in minutes. Thanks to technological advancement, food brands can garner information to understand what the customer wants. They also get the necessary address to reach customers. It enables them to make tailor-made offers to this varied clientele. It can lead to an increase in sales in a matter of minutes.

Enhancing Brand Awareness Among Consumers

There is a constant for food brands need to be relevant and be continuously in the consumers' eyes positively. It is where the brand's digital presence comes into use. A considered digital calendar and continuous presentation of culinary experimentations will encourage consumers to look forward to your offerings. Brand awareness allows consumers to think of the brand and stay connected regularly.

Once Attracted And Engaged With Your Personas, It Is Easier To Delight Them And Turn Them Into Customers.

The vital element is being constant in the brand's digital footprints. And these should be offering something unique to the viewers. A continuous flow in laying the brand's digital personas will aid in appreciating them and converting viewers into customers. Being unbroken in this engagement enables these customers to remain faithful and share their brand appreciation on their digital accounts. Only loyal customers will carry the brand name forward.

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