How Lay's leveraged the "Zomato Happy Rider"

A video of a happy go smiling zomato delivery boy went viral on social media, initially uploaded on tiktok. The delivery boy has been identified as Sonu.

The highlight of the video for the viewers was the riders smiling face throughout the video. When it was witnessed by Zomato they titled it as “zomato rider happy rider” and also changed their profile picture on their social media handles to a photo of their happy rider.



While many users were impressed by the attitude of the delivery executive some of them used the smiling face to create hilarious memes.


The video was viewed over 4.7 million times on TikTok, before it went viral on other platforms, most notably on Twitter.

Lays expressed it support by adding the smiling face of the delivery executive in their variants of smile packages with a caption ‘A smile can win a million hearts, kyun zomato?' With hashtags #Smiledekedeko #zomatoboy.

Lays came up with the ‘Smile Deke Deko’ campaign back in October 2019.The idea behind this campaign was to spread happiness globally. It also portrays how different flavors compliment different moods. The campaign was launched for a limited period with 6 different packs that captures different moods through different flavors.

The post put up by Lays got high attractions on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Facebook got 2.7k likes and Instagram had 3,021 likes on the post.


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