How Tata Capital aims to help India make a new start with 6 differentiated products

Tata Capital Limited, a holistic financial services provider, has been catering to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers, directly or indirectly through its subsidiaries. Its range of offerings includes Consumer Finance, Advisory Services, Commercial Finance, Infrastructure Finance, Securities, Investment Banking, Private Equity Advisory, Credit Cards and Travel & Forex Services. The year 2020 was very tough and challenging for each of us. However, some had it tougher than the others. Tata Capital, one of India’s premier NBFCs, has always tried to align its practices to the needs and preferences of its consumers.

The financial services arm of the Tata Group (Tata Capital) has unveiled a new slice of life ad campaign – ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ – to mark the launch of its new loan offerings – Shubharambh Loans. The focus of the campaign is to inspire and help India to make a new start in 2021 with Tata Capital’s newest offering specially curated to suit the needs of every consumer. The film brings out the human spirit of resilience to overcome challenges and weaves in the role of Tata Capital’s latest loan offerings.

In conversation with Adgully, Abonty Banerjee, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Tata Capital, speaks at length about the campaign, help India make a new start with their latest financial offering – Shubharambh Loans, and much more.

What prompted Tata Capital to launch this campaign on Loans in tough market conditions? What are you trying to communicate through ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ for the launch of your Shubharambh Loans campaign?

The year 2020 has been like no other, a year that came with its own share of challenges. Tata Capital’s campaign is all about helping India make a new start and reinforcing the belief that our customers can always #CountOnUs. Our new offering, ‘Shubharambh Loans’, has special benefits designed specifically to help India revive their professions and refuel their aspirations. Our campaign – ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ – drives home the message that providing loans is not just our business, but it is also our responsibility to help India achieve growth and prosperity.

What’s the objective of the film? How did your agency come out with this campaign idea and what was the brief given to the creative agency?

The objective of the film is to reinforce in our audience the belief that despite challenges, there are ways to make a new beginning. The ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ campaign drives home the message that at Tata Capital, we are committed to help India make a new start with our latest financial offering, which is Shubharambh Loans.

The brief to the agency was with the objective of reaching out to people with an offering to help people make a new start, considering the fact that 2020 has been a tough year. The new offering, which is a series of 6 different products, that is, Shubharambh loans has special benefits specifically designed to enable our customers to restart their professional lives, business ventures or rekindle their aspirations. The ask was to communicate our differentiated product in a way that will resonate with people coming from different walks of life.

We also conducted a focused group study to understand the comprehension and resonance of the campaign with our target audience. The study revealed that ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ struck a chord and was well received by our audience.

The creative idea to drive home the message of ‘Karz Nahi Farz Bhi’ was through inspiring stories of various people who could overcome their struggles with resilience, determination and with the support of Tata Capital’s Shubharambh Loans.

What kind of product differentiation you are offering to your customers through the Shubharambh loans? How are you different from the other financial brands?

Shubharambh Loans is our initiative to help India restart their professional journey, business pursuits or rekindle their aspirations.

Shubharambh Loans’ unique benefits will be offered across six loan segments of Tata Capital:

  • Business Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Two-wheeler loans
  • Used Car Loans
  • Loan Against Property
  • Home Loans

Shubharambh Loans will cover customers across segments, including COVID-19 warriors and pandemic impacted sectors. Each product is exclusively designed to help customers revive their professions, businesses or even rebuild their aspirations to own a home.

The unique benefits of Shubharambh loans across all 6 products are as follows:

  • Higher tenor
  • Lower EMI
  • Eased Eligibility
  • Simplified income proof documents requirements

Also, each product has additional exclusive benefits that make Shubharambh loans even more flexible and affordable for all our customers.

Who are you targeting through this new campaign? What’s the profile of your audience?

Our Target Audience is Male-Female, 32-45 NCCS AB, Salaried or self-employed individuals. The campaign targets anyone who needs a loan for their business or someone who wants to buy a new home. As I said earlier, Shubharambh Loans will also include COVID-19 warriors and a few sectors affected by the pandemic. Each product offering has exclusive features and eligibility criteria and customers who apply and meet the new eased norms will be sanctioned the loan amount.

How do you plan to measure the success of this campaign?

We will track all metrices, right from the point of communication across channel such as calls, digital traffic on our platforms, social media mentions and sentiment, in addition to the number and quality of customer stories shared, editorial mentions and so on. We would also of course track right up to the end of the sales funnel in the form of business generated. We would be able to attribute business generated to specific channels to get a holistic and complete view of the campaign’s performance.

What kind of markets are you aiming at and what’s going to be the media strategy and budget for this campaign?

In terms of media strategy, we have kept it really pan India. It will include Tata Capital’s top 15-20 locations, Tier 1 and Tier 2/3 cities as well. This targeting of cities is customised for different mediums. Television, Social Media, Radio, OOH and PR are a part of our media plan along with BTL activities. While television, radio and OOH will help us garner salience, we are utilising our presence on social media as well to reach a wider audience. We will also be partnering with key influencers to spread our message further into different regions and smaller cities as well. We have implemented focused public relations campaigns across Tier 2/3 markets to help us give a wider reach. There is emphasis on different regional language mediums such as regional newspapers, local news sites that will help us further gain meaningful traction.


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