How to expand your subscriber base via email marketing?

Mailchimp Alternatives are one of the tools in email marketing and provide leading ways a brand can increase exposure to various customers, email marketing provides one of the quickest and cheapest ways you can achieve that. Unlike social media marketing, you can easily expand your subscriber base via email marketing. Today, we will talk just about that. Furthermore, you have to understand that you cannot use one strategy for all marketings as it might not bring good results. Knowing your audience and finding the best way to approach it is one of the most important things to master. More importantly, you do not want to just gather inactive subscriptions, you also want to have an engaging audience that will always know what is going on with your brand.

What can you do to expand your subscriber base via email marketing?

Before we start talking about strategies you can utilize to expand your brand and audience, we have to understand what email marketing really is. Although one might think that social media is the leading way of communication, one would be mistaken. Namely, to create a social media account, you would need an email address. That leads us to the astonishing data that around 4 billion people across the world are using email as their primary communication method. Now, we agree that brands should utilize technology to gain an advantage. However, email communication is still one of the best ways to reach out to people and gain new customers or clients. Email marketing allows you to:

  • Personalize messages and offers
  • Segment a specific audience
  • Convert rates on your website
  • Allow people to feel a stronger bond with your brand

1. Utilize the tools you have

Firstly, we want to talk about how you should approach the whole process. Namely, one can find a lot of different applications that help you achieve maximum productivity in marketing. For instance, an app called MailChimp helps you work with marketing campaigns, personalization, and templates to make sending emails a lot easier. Furthermore, you can also segment your audience, adjust emails targeted at them and watch your campaign reach its maximum efficiency. Relying on these different tools and apps can really help you get the gist of how you should work with your marketing in the future. Moreover, by utilizing some of these tools, you will understand what are the best ways to approach it and have clear data to back up your future plans.

2. Create appealing offers

If you want to have an inflow of new subscribers to your website or newsletter, you should consider constantly working on new offers that will appeal to larger masses. To be more precise, you should always aim to target a specific audience with different offers. By doing this, you are allowing the reader to expect the next email from your brand in hopes that you might offer exactly what they need. This strategy is really a basic one. However, many brands seem to forget how effective it can be to simply promote relevant and useful products or services to the right people. So, if you are looking to expand your subscriber base via email marketing make sure to bring the offers closer to the customers because then they will want to know about every offer you put out next.

3. Expand your subscriber base via email marketing by implementing a CTA button

Your e-commerce business relies on the conversion rate your website generates. A conversion rate is data that shows how many people engaged in a specific action on the website. Furthermore, persuading customers to take action is one of the core elements of marketing. To be more precise, we are talking about implementing a CTA button. CTA stands for Call-To-Action and is usually a large button people cannot miss that dictates them what they should do. For instance, "subscribe here" or "learn more" are the most common examples of a CTA button. Basically, this button encourages your customers or clients to register on a website and gain access to additional features. Once a client leaves their email address, you can incorporate them into your marketing campaign.

4. Use social media as a leverage

Just because you are focusing more on an email campaign does not mean that you cannot use other ways of marketing. In fact, you can use social media to redirect your followers or community. By doing so, you connect them directly to the website where they can access much more information. Furthermore, because social media is among one of the most used communication platforms, you can turn it to your advantage. However, if this is something you want to do, make sure you invest time to create a landing page that will be for welcoming the newcomers specifically. This page should guide them through the website and allow them to safely register on your website. Later, you can use the emails you have to increase the reach of your email marketing campaign.

5. Personalize the messages

Finally, we have to talk about the way you approach people during your campaign. Logically, the more inviting you sound, the higher the chances are that you will convert people into customers. This process firstly starts with the segmentation of the audience. Secondly, you want to pick a subject line that will ensure the reader opens your email. Thirdly, you want to utilize the data you have to make the email sound like you are creating a bond. This, with an appropriate CTA button, will increase the chances you expand your subscriber base via email marketing.


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