If not PUBG, then what? The 5 games that can ease gamers’ angst

Many PUBG hearts were broken when the Government announced the ban on the ‘Battle Royale King’, along with 117 other Chinese apps a couple of days back. PUBG joined the long list of Chinese apps that have been banned in India as a step to protect the security and sovereignty of the country.

Although everybody supports the decision of the Government as it is a matter of national security, PUBG players and streamers are anguished on finding their favourite platform no longer available, at least on mobile phones – the game is still available on PCs and gaming consoles.

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As the ban came into effect, every streamer live streamed their last attempts to get a Chicken Dinner and the server was filled with players trying to attain the same. Even people who haven’t played the game for ages, suddenly felt the need for a final ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

PUBG was first released for Microsoft Windows back in 2017 and eventually was available on Android and iOS by March 2018. Millions of kills, 14 seasons and more than 50 million users (in India) later, the game has become a part of almost every gamer’s life. Several gamers and live streamers earn a living by playing PUBG live on YouTube and the game is also a big part of ESports in India.

With this ban, gamers are now looking at other available options to fill in the huge void left by PUBG. Adgully has compiled a list of some worthy alternates. These games are based not only on how close they are to the original Battle Royale King, but also how these games perform, their graphics, popularity and the feel as a gamer. Here are 5 games to satisfy your daily Chicken Dinner needs:


  1. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Yes, the most obvious one comes first! Call Of Duty (COD) is one of the oldest games in the FPS genre. Kids of the ’90s grew up on this game and obviously have great memories with the game. Original modes included death matches, search & destroy modes, which also made the game a favourite on PlayStation. The mobile version is very similar to PUBG mobile, with 100 players on a battlefield and fighting for survival.

Although the game is commendable for its graphics and game-play, the reason it couldn’t become as big as PUBG was the feel of the game. Compared to PUBG, the game seems a little too stiff and lacks the realistic features that PUBG is absolutely loved for.

However, COD is one of the best games out there that won’t make you miss PUBG as much! 



  1. Valorant

Valorant is Riot Game’s answer to the ever growing FPS genre. Although available on only PC for now, Valorant has already caught the attention of many gamers and the Indian market is excited about the full swing of the game.

Valorant does have the familiar online FPS multiplayer feel, but is unique in its own way when it comes to graphics, characters and the hypernatural ability of each character.

If PUBG and Fortnite had a baby, the result would probably be Valorant! However, we still need to see where this game gets to in the Indian market.



  1. Fortnite

Speaking about Fortnite, Epic Games were probably the closest ones to create a game that could dethrone PUBG. There are often debates between the PUBG and Fortnite communities as to which one is the better game. In our opinion, both are great!

Now obviously, Fortnite is more of a fan favourite in the Western market than in India, but it still has a strong following here.

The game was removed from Google Play and iOS for bypassing the in-game purchase policies, but it is still available on other Android platforms. The graphics are great and the game has several features, however it still lacks the realistic aspect that PUBG possesses.

Fortnite just has a flavour of its own! 



  1. Gareena Free Fire

You can call Gareena Free Fire the little cousin of PUBG. It is a lesser known Battle Royale Game, each game is of 10 minutes’ duration and is fast paced. Just like PUBG, you can jump on to the battlefield using the parachute, drive cars and gain kills by using the weapons available.

However, you can’t compare the graphics to PUBG, the game is very stiff and isn’t realistic.

The game has a small but strong community following, often hated by the PUBG community itself. However, everything is fair is love and war, isn’t it?



  1. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark makes to the list just because how unique the game is. It’s extremely different than other Battle Royale games because it has a dinosaur twist! Didn’t expect that, did you? 

The game has almost a hundred dinosaurs where you train and tame them by using different strategies and tactics. The player needs to survive in small villages or cities and can join a tribe or play solo.



Special mentions:

Now for special mentions, we are just listing the games that any PUBG gamer will absolutely love and we are listing them without considering the platform they are available on.

These games have unbelievable graphics, insane game play and honestly, you won’t miss PUBG as much. Take our word for it!


Ghost Of Tsushima



Far Cry 6






Last Of Us Part 2


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