Immerse yourself in Musical brilliance with these Netflix Titles

John Paul Friedrich Richter once said that “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” The only thing that competes with good music, is a good film. Combine the two and you get the brightest light on a gloomy night - here’s a list of music-centered films on Netflix that will leave you humming for days:

The Disciple:
Self-doubt, sacrifice and struggle  converge into an existential crisis for  a devoted classical vocalist as the mastery he strives for remains elusive

A Star is Born:
When an aspiring singer develops a passionate relationship with a seasoned musician, her career begins to soar as his vices trigger a downward spiral

On Chicago’s South Side, Hip Hop prodigy August Monroe navigates crippling anxiety and new creative frontiers with the help of an unlikely mentor

La La Land:
Career aspirations run up against bittersweet romance amongst modern-day Los Angeles, as two artists face a heartbreaking dilemma

School of Rock:
Musician Dewey Finn gets a job as a fourth-grade substitute teacher, where he secretly begin teaching his students the finer point of rock n roll


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