India @75: Indian advertising impacting cultures on a global scale

As India gears up to celebrate her 75th year of Independence, we at Adgully are tracing the journey of Advertising and its contribution to the Indian society at large – whether it is bringing about a change in mindsets, or a societal pattern, or empowering different communities or ushering in new thoughts – basically, Soch badal ke rakh diya.

Our aim is to collate 75 most impressive and significant ways in which Advertising has impacted India over the decades. For this, we are reaching out to the Advertising Honchos of India to share the most significant contributions of Advertising to the Indian society and why they consider them to be important developments. We will serialise the story on Adgully’s website in the lead-up to the Independence Day this year in this special series: India @75 – Through the Advertising Lens.

Advertising has evolved from just product promotion to a means of communicating with society, noted Shrenik Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO, White Rivers Media, in an interaction with Adgully. He added, “Having worked closely with various brands, I have seen that the purpose of advertising now is also to bring a change by raising sensitive issues.”


An eccentric portrayal of human relationships shows inclusivity through a strong narrative that brings social change and shapes a progressive mindset. Brands today step forward in empowering marginalized groups and raising public issues that address crucial and sometimes frowned upon questions. Rendering an inclusive picture of society through advertising has proved pivotal in bringing a change by igniting conversations that are not otherwise acknowledged.

Breaking Stereotypes:

I think advertising is one of the most powerful tools we can use to break gender and cultural stereotypes. Indians are driven by emotions more than any other cultural group, and this reflects in our advertisements. We see a lot of purpose-led and progressive ads that break conventional thoughts and pave the way for social rebuilding.

Promotes the ‘Normalising Culture’:

Marketing and advertising act as a catalyst for social change. Youth today are much more likely to respond to ads that bespeak this sensitive topic of gender equality and diversity. Some brands are still unsure about the inclusiveness of the community and need a change of perception. However, brands at large are now aware and sensitive towards the community.

Cultural Representation:

I feel the ‘Representation’ of anything is more important now than ever before, especially due to the rise of social media. Agencies today cultivate a gender-neutral environment supported by liberal culture and open-minded thought processes that lead to such empowering and ground-breaking ideas. Over the decades, advertising has truly redefined how we get influenced by content, and will continue to do so in the future.

Strong global presence:

The growth of the Digital Marketing industry in India has been monumental, and it’s time to go global. Digital marketing investments are exponentially increasing, and it will not be an overstatement to say that India will become a market leader in the next couple of years. Especially with the onset of 5G, the Indian advertising industry is set to create more impact across cultures on a global scale.


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