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India is poised to become the leader in the gaming sector

The gaming industry is evolving globally and with India having the world’s largest youth population and second-largest Internet population; it makes the nation one of the leading markets in the gaming sector, writes Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Business Head, ViewSonic India. Gaming enthusiasts are increasing and gaming products and solutions are also being developed catering the need of the end users. The absence of real games during the lockdown has further stimulated people’s interest in online gaming. It is found that the Indian gaming industry has begun to spread its influence across platforms, and has developed new business models.

Gaming is going through its defining phase in various countries around the world, and new immersive gaming trends can capture the market in the long run. It has now reached to the new heights and hence breaking all the barriers. Once you’ve come across it on your smartphones, you will crave for a bigger screen experience with top-of-the-line specifications, and gaming monitor market is perhaps the only silver lining.

To target the growing community of gaming enthusiasts in India, brands have innovated and evolved their offerings. The technological developments, comprehensive rise of digital engagement have shifted the consumer behaviour for better offerings. Since the time of the pandemic, it is observed that professional and enthusiast gamers are demanding advanced display technologies in monitors to experience every nuance of the game. Therefore, there is a need for better monitors for enhanced gaming experience in the country.

Ergonomically designed product, which is embedded with high refresh rate, appealing sound quality, good picture and colour accuracy, low response times, plenty of connectivity adaptive sync, etc., provides gamers with a more vivid gaming experience.

India stands high among the emerging markets in terms of smart and technologically advanced gadgets engagement and production, making it a barrier for gaming giants. The Indian technology market has boomed since the last few years, resulting in an increased demand for online games. Young population, access to the Internet and entertainment are key factors driving online gaming in a country. Studying these factors can explain the future potential of the Indian gaming industry, which is likely to be followed by the developed gaming economies. The rapid rise of the young population in countries such as India and China is creating a high growth potential market. Immersive gaming experiences focusing on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are likely to bring in the next wave. Hence, the gaming monitors penetration in India is expected to rise and the total number of such monitors in use is projected to exceed in millions by 2025.

Some of the reasons that have led to the growth of the gaming industry in India are:

The surge in demand for Gaming Monitors - 

Gaming monitors are a niche IT product that offers enormous scope for earning revenue. The continued growth of the online gaming market and the emergence of monitors capable of delivering high performance are some of the other reasons why an increasing number of LCD monitor vendors have also made their entry into the gaming monitor market.

The Role of online gaming -

As far as India is concerned, online gaming has certainly played a key role in popularising the gaming culture in the country. With increased mobile and internet penetration, more and more players are engaged in leagues and tournaments.

Evolution of 5G and cloud gaming -

The year 2021, thus promises to have a lot of excitement in store for the country, with the onset of next-gen monitors and consoles, the hand-in-hand evolution of 5G and cloud gaming, as well as an ever increasing interest in Esports.

This paradigm shift in the gaming sector can be accredited to technological advances that have brought more exciting innovation to the gaming industry. As of now, a number of definitive factors have shown a bright future for the gaming industry in India. It is important to consistently strive to offer cutting edge technologies to equip gamers for online gaming and casual gamers who want to push their limits of performance and usability. The industry is expected to reach a wider audience in the near future. Because of the increasing popularity of the sector, an incredible evolution in the gaming world will continue to be driven by continued innovation and quality content that will allow gaming to be integrated into modern Indian pop culture.


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