India’s most influential women unveil a thought-provoking film

For the first time in India, three of India’s most influential women have come together to launch a film that celebrates the rise and triumph of the modern working woman. Virginia Sharma (Director, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn India), Sairee Chahal(Entrepreneur and Founder at SHEROES) and Nandita Das (Actor and Director) have unveiled the latest film by work-wear jewellery brandMia by Tanishq across social media platforms today. This is the first time that a film has not been officially launched by a brand, but by a group of people who truly believe in the ideology of the film. This is more than just a commercial launch. This is the beginning of a movement. This film celebrates the modern working woman who is confident and brings her best to work – by looking good and doing great work. Mia by Tanishq isn’t just empowering women anymore, but celebrating the ones that didn’t need it in the first place. A powerful rap echoes throughout the film, narrating various incidences, while reiterating how each incident is the ‘last thing on my mind’.

These three influential women who unveiled the film today have carved their own path with undying passion and an immense drive to succeed, while rising above several obstacles along the way. Virginia Sharma, Sairee Chahal and Nandita Das are unstoppable, fierce, have broken several barriers and conquered new avenues. They want to tell each of you to rise above it all, and achieve greatness with sheer hard work and determination. Reach those goals in style, and don’t be shy about looking your best at work. Mia presents a film which captures the changing attitude of today’s working women and applauds them for being the best version of themselves.

The film captures instances from the workplaces and homes of six women. They vary in their professions and personalities, but yet, face similar situations every day. It attempts to show how none of the small-talk towards women at work, seems to matter to them. They are here for one thing and one thing alone; to bring their best to work. The film showcases driven, ambitious, strong women who bring their best not only in the way they work, but in the way they look at work too.

Sharing her thoughts on the powerful film, Ms. Deepika Tewari, General Manager – Marketing, Titan Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited said, “Mia by Tanishq has always empowered and celebrated the modern working woman. Being the strong-willed performer that she is, today’s working woman rises above prejudices and brings her best self to work every single day. She does all this by looking her best, too. This undying spirit is what we have brought to life in the latest film for the brand, and we are proud to say that three of India’s most influential working women have launched the film for us. May this tribe of working women continue to grow and look great while doing great work..”

Rajesh Ramaswamy, Director – Mullen Lowe Lintas said, When we first talked about Mia, we were quite kicked by the possibilities. But it was only when we thought some more, did we realize that working women don’t really like to express themselves at the workplace. They think if they look good and dress up, they will be judged for that and not the work they do. We found this to be really disheartening, that such conversations and prejudices actually exist. And yet, we looked around and saw so many successful women with admirable careers, amongst our friends and colleagues. This film is a straight-from-the-heart, honest attempt to pay tribute to these women who rise above it all and get down to work, because that’s all that matters”

You can watch the film on YouTube here:



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