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Ipsos ProductQuest to use neuroscience for deeper insights!

Ipsos ProductQuest is uncovering deeper insights into how consumers really feel about products by integrating Implicit Reaction Time (IRTTM) into their product evaluations. By using this advanced neuroscience approach, Ipsos ProductQuest is able to provide clients with a deeper understanding of consumers’ nonconscious perceptions of their products. Specifically, IRTTM measures how strongly consumers feel about a product, versus a benchmark or competitive product, by succinctly capturing how much time it takes a respondent to associate multiple attributes with the product.

According to Vidya Sen, Executive Director at Ipsos Marketing, India, “Our clients are striving to create superior products and one of their greatest challenges is identifying exactly where improvements to the product should be made. With IRTTM we bring product testing to a whole new level by uncovering thoughts and feelings about products that consumers are not even aware they have. Our clients are gaining a new perspective that enables them to think differently about which features can help differentiate their products in the marketplace.”

Ipsos ProductQuest has analyzed the impact IRTTM can have on product development decisions and found that attributes that may have been overlooked with traditional approaches may hold the key to meaningful product improvements. “What people convey consciously in product ratings is often a function of lip service and may not reflect innermost feelings,” adds Sen. “This is why leading brands are sometimes rated highly on most attributes when perceptions may, in fact, be beginning to tarnish.  IRT™ can identify when consumers are only being polite, or, better yet, spotlight when a specific attribute is potentially far more important than otherwise recognized.”

IRT™ can be seamlessly embedded into traditional surveys to provide understanding of both conscious and nonconscious aspects of consumer response. The application of IRTTM to product testing is made possible through the partnership of Ipsos and NEUROHM, an international leader in consumer neuroscience that specializes in understanding unconscious consumer associations, perceptions and impact.


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