Isobar’s Top 4 Lessons from Skore’s ‘Cliteracy Drive’ Clubhouse Partnership

Skore - a sexual wellness brand under the TTK Group, in partnership with Isobar - the digital agency from the house of dentsu India, had recently collaborated with Clubhouse to take its ‘Cliteracy Drive’ a step forward. The attempt here was to build conversations on a subject, still considered to be a social taboo.

A quick recap: Conceptualised by Isobar India, Skore’s ‘Cliteracy Drive’ was launched on August 8 to commemorate International Female Orgasm Day. It was a fun educational campaign to spread awareness about women’s orgasms. The association with Clubhouse, a social audio app, was an integral part of the campaign. It also drove awareness about the brand’s orgasm gel, Skore Oh! Gel. In a country where 65-75% of women don’t reach orgasm during sexual intercourse and 15% of women have never had an orgasm in their sexual life, this path-breaking work sparked a much-needed revolution.

Clubhouse has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. It is popularly looked upon as a ‘more human place on the Internet’ where people come together for great conversations. Home to hundreds of thousands of discussions on every topic under the sun, this social audio app is also an opportunity for brands to have meaningful conversations with their audience and deeply understand them for who they are. 

So, here are the top 4 lessons learnt:

1. Be where your audience is:

Though Skore targets everyone, it is skewed toward the younger generation since they are more open and comfortable to explore and understand the subject. Additionally, discussing sex is a private behaviour. So, what better place to choose for this campaign than a closed room where a group of people can openly talk about sex, thus, making Clubhouse the ideal platform.

2. Choose the right voice for deeper engagement:

Due to its popularity and appeal, the Dark Room - one of the most popular clubs on Clubhouse, was chosen for the conversation. It was hosted by popular content creators - Santu Mishra and Aishwarya Subramanyam who regularly speak on tabooed topics. The room was aptly themed ‘Sleepless with Skore’ on the night of August 8. Conversations revolved around the need for women to explore pleasure and orgasms with the help of Skore products along with the need for men to be ‘cliterate’. Result? Close to 1000 participants joined the conversations wherein most of them chose to stay for the complete 2-hour session. This was a huge leap considering that people today are unwilling to invest even 30 seconds of their time on communication from brands. Perhaps, no other digital medium, social media, or branded content can elicit such long duration of engagements and interactions in a screen-cluttered age of ever-shortening attention spans.

3. Be open and brave to really listen:

With the platform following an audio-only format, there were no inhibitions. The conversations, therefore, were a lot more open and feedbacks could be understood firsthand. This was important because whenever brands do consumer immersions to get feedback on their products, there are other factors impacting the integrity of findings including the respondent & researcher’s biases and transparency of findings. Hence, not only was Skore the first brand to associate with Clubhouse in India but it was also for the first time that a brand was actively listening to opinions, conversations, and feedback on an open platform from its core TG on the ‘subject’ and also on the brand itself. Furthermore, Skore received numerous organic mentions during conversations that were completely unseeded and opened itself to previously untapped segments, including topics related to the LGBTQIA+ community.

4. Fit in, don’t force yourself in:

The conversations were genuine and organic and sometimes also related to personal experiences. It was, therefore, important for the brand to be an enabler of the conversation rather than trying to be the hero. This effectively means that brands need to be brave to put people and their voice first and not be pushy trying to turn the conversation into a brand speak.

Arjun Siva, DGM, Digital Marketing & eCommerce, TTK Healthcare said, “I’ve been an early-ish user of Clubhouse, and I am fascinated by the openness that the platform fosters. While it is still early days, and Clubhouse may not give me the reach that a traditional digital advertising platform can, it will be interesting to see how the platform evolves to pair the unmatched engagement it provides, with scale.”

Aalap Desai, National Creative Director, Isobar India added, "The International Day of Female Orgasm was just the right fit to introduce Skore on Clubhouse. The right audience, the right room, the right conversation and bam! We create another first in the category."

Priyanka Shah, AVP Media, Isobar India commented, “Skore leveraged Clubhouse for a brand-new opportunity to earn credibility by discussing topics that they’re experts on. They also earned greater trust by making themselves available to listen and talk candidly with their audiences. We at Isobar firmly believe that this level of trust-building with potential customers is a chance that shouldn’t go begging in the value-driven climate of 2021.”


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