Join Gordon Ramsay on TLC with a fiery new season of 'Hell's Kitchen'

TLC presents a new season of HELL’S KITCHEN as Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay cooks up a storm in the kitchen with 20 aspiring chefs.

A new crop of aspiring cooks will show off their skills in a bid to win the life-changing prize to become head chef at a prestigious restaurant. This summer the heated competition will see 20 chefs taking on each other and Chef Gordon Ramsay in the fight for the top prize.

HELL’S KITCHEN will premiere on 17 April and will air every Friday at 9 PM only on TLC!

Ramsay will bring his flair for exciting cuisine back to the kitchen as he puts the contestants through intense challenges each week as they face elimination if they are not up to the mark. The contestants who demonstrate the right skills and attitude will progress further as Chef Ramsay tests each one of them. Every week, Chef Ramsay puts the contestants through grueling tasks and dinner services to decide who comes out on top, and who will go home.

In the new season of HELL’S KITCHEN, the aspiring chefs are divided into two teams – the Red team (women) and the blue team (men). Each team must immediately learn to brave Ramsay and his exacting standards in the kitchen. Once divided, the competition quickly heats up for the aspiring chefs, as each one works to simmer, sear and spice up his or her dish to Chef Ramsay and pray he doesn’t spit them out!

As the day passes, the contestants are faced with challenges in the kitchen as they fight for a chance to be the winner of the contest. The contestants have to battle against each other, against their own weakness and mostly get through the acid-tongued Chef Gordon Ramsay. HELL’S KITCHEN is a roller-coaster ride with the winners of the challenges enjoying the perks whereas the losers are punished with grueling tasks in the kitchen.

Enjoy the fiery competition as the challengers battle it out for the coveted prize in HELL’S KITCHEN, only on TLC.


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