Keep heart GOT fans, Star World has a Helpline for you

With ‘Game of Thrones’ heading for an explosive series finale coming Monday (May 20, 2019) on Star World, fans of the hugely popular series, who have invested the last eight years on this show, are suddenly faced with a void, akin to losing a dear one.

In India, Star World has been home to all things ‘Game of Thrones’. In addition to bringing the series to India, the channel has also initiated many innovative activities throughout the years to provide fans with immersive experiences beyond the airing of GOT. Now, with the final season of the show coming to an end, Star World has upped the game again.

Monday mornings have never been the same as each episode of Season 8 of the show takes us closer to its inevitable end. In order to engage with fans across the country and help them navigate through all the burns of the season, their many frustrations and melancholies, Star World has now opened up a #GOTHelpline – a first-of-its kind engagement activity that is exclusive to India. Based on the 5 stages of grief: that is, denial, anger, withdrawals, depression and acceptance, the helpline will guide and support GOT fans through the many emotions they are feeling during each of the episodes.

All viewers need to do is give a missed call on 1800 313 6311 to get access to the #GOTHelpline. Whether they are in denial over the show coming to an end, or their anger burns with fiery rage towards the incidents on the show, or they are looking for a distraction, Star World’s #GOTHelpline is there to help.

Through witty repartees, biting sarcasm and some of the most memorable moments and quotes from ‘Game of Thrones’, the helpline will help ease the anguish – whether it is the moment of disappointment when Jon leaves his beloved direwolf, Ghost, to Tormund or the anger of Cersei’s most recent betrayal when she didn’t send her armies to Winterfell like she promised or even when Arya Stark takes the opportunity away from Jon Snow while becoming the Azor Ahai.

Through a special functionality made available for fans, they can even theorise and pay their respects to the show and its many characters over the #GoTHelpline.

Now, with seven seasons of drama wrapped neatly under its belt and only one more episode to wrap everything up, things are going to move fast in the ‘Game of Thrones’ cosmos.


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