Kindly launches Asia’s first at home semen analysis campaign

Kindly, a startup providing, sexual, reproductive and fertility solutions has stirred a poignant conversation around men’s sexual health through their campaign, #AbGharSe. Focused on diagnostic first solutions, Kindlyhad earlier launched Asia’s first at home semen testing kit that is a discreet, easy and affordable solution for men looking to address their overall health concerns.

By collaborating with influencers like Jake Sitlani, Salim Jamdar, Anmol Sachar, Samir Kotkar and AtharvaSudame, the platform aims to engage young and vernacular audience across India into conversations that are largely considered a taboo. The startup aims to break free the current conversation around men’s sexual health that is largely focused on pressures of performance and any attempt to seek a resolution is met with resistance. A man’s sperm health is directly connected with his hormonal, physical and mental health and is not just about the fertility aspect.

Sexual wellness is a concept that is often restricted to poor sperm health and just conversations around fertility. Through this offering, Kindly aspires to shift the narrative towards one that encompasses each and every aspect of wellness. Sexual wellness is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being concerning sexuality. It is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity and this is the conversation that this startup aims to initiate.

Talking about the campaign, Nilay Mehrotra, CEO and Co-Founder Kindly said, ‘It is a taboo in the society to talk about sexual health, with this campaign it is our hope to ease the conservation. The technology that we use is disruptive and a first in Asia. Through our platform men can easily deposit their semen in technology-enabled kit at the convenience of their home. A delivery partner will collect the semen test and the results will be shared within 24 hrs to 48hrs. This enables security and privacy of data with our judgement-free doctors. The individual can also take an appointment with an in-house andrologist for any concerns. This technology and expertise of the doctors makes sure that men can get regular semen tests as a part of their routine check-up. #AbGharSe is a freedom, care and love to the men of our society.”

Kindly offers a convenient option for men to get their semen tested in the comfort of their homes and a respite from the added pressure of searching and going to a doctor. The platform also offers its doctors who can provide post-testing consultation. The results of the tests are discreet and can be accessed within 24 to 48 hours.

The campaign has garnered eyeballs from our target audience active on social media and it is a solution-oriented concern towards the society at large. Poor sperm health can be caused due to smoking, overstressed and overworked hustle culture or underlying health issues. It can also show up in symptoms like stress, low energy, fatigue, burnout etc. It can also cause infertility in men, hormone disorders, weak performance in bed, tumors, infections, sexually transmitted diseases and immunity disorders.  Hence, #AbGharSe is the easiest solution to all semen related problems!

For more information on Kindly’s at home semen collection, please check the website here.



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