Lavanya Wadgaonkar on 4 pillars of Nissan’s communication strategies for 2024

In conversation with Adgully, Lavanya Wadgaonkar, PhD, Global Vice President of Communications and Global DEI Champion at Nissan Motor Co Ltd, shares insights into Nissan’s performance in 2023, emerging trends in the automotive industry, and the communication strategies adopted by the company for the year 2024.

Year in Review:

The discussion kicked off with an overview of Nissan’s performance in 2023. Wadgaonkar expressed satisfaction, noting that it marked the completion of Nissan’s transformation plan. Highlighting the success of their presence at the Japan Mobility Show, she emphasized the positive strides made by the company during the year.

Trends in the Automotive Industry:

When asked about the observed trends, Wadgaonkar delved into the changing landscape of consumer behaviours and communication strategies. She emphasised on the impact of generative AI, big data, and the need for agile communication, especially post-COVID. She also discussed the evolving purchase funnel, highlighting the me-centric consumer, who values environmental consciousness and credibility in addition to pricing.

Communication Strategies for 2024:

Wadgaonkar detailed the changes in Nissan’s communication strategies for 2024, emphasising on four key pillars. These pillars include strategic excellence, operational excellence with a focus on ground-level communication, talent acquisition, and skill development, especially in the dynamic field of communication.

Challenges and Opportunities in India:

Though cautious about delving into business specifics, Wadgaonkar acknowledged Nissan’s plans to introduce entry-level ASUV and CSUV in India. She underscored Nissan’s commitment to a pan-India market and global strategies, with a strong focus on sustainability and culture in communication.

Global Communication Strategy:

Discussing Nissan’s global communication strategy, Wadgaonkar outlined two key objectives: building trust and fostering pride among stakeholders. She detailed five key strategies, including corporate strategy, empowering journeys campaigns, social initiatives, digital channels, and employee communication, all aligned with Nissan’s ambitious 2030 vision.

Future Trends in the Automotive Industry:

Looking ahead to 2024, Wadgaonkar highlighted trends such as continued emphasis on climate change, software-defined vehicles, and evolving consumer behavior. She discussed the industry’s disruption, driven by electrification, battery technology advancements, and the emergence of new business areas and services.

Safety Communication:

Addressing the critical aspect of safety, Wadgaonkar emphasised on Nissan’s long-standing commitment to safety. While safety is considered a given, she stressed the importance of creating awareness about safety features and advancements. She showcased Nissan’s campaigns, including those focused on autonomous drive technologies contributing to enhanced safety.

What to expect from Nissan in 2024:

While maintaining secrecy about specific announcements, Wadgaonkar hinted at exciting developments in the pipeline for 2024. She urged anticipation for Nissan’s upcoming mid-term plan and emphasised the company’s continuous commitment to innovation.


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