Lifestyle Ginger launches its brand new campaign #ImperfectlyPerfect

From the outside, a teenager’s life seems like it's all about that carefree vibe, with endless fun. Cut to 2017’s reality, where teen girls aren’t exactly living that life. Poked, prodded and trolled for their dressing and sexuality, they often come up against unrealistic expectations and judgement when it comes to their body, behaviour and choices. To make it worse, social media fuels their insecurities, leaving them vulnerable and ready to go to extremes for validation.

Ginger from Lifestyle, a brand that’s all about the 15 to 22-year-old girls decided it’s high time we give our ladies a break from those expectations; and we did it, no holds barred.  Here’s calling out all those silly demands of perfection – the unfairness around ‘fairness’, the whole sexuality debate, the body shaming, labeling, and everything else in between. 

Talking about this campaign, Mr. Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Lifestyle, said, “#ImperfectlyPerfect is inspired by the young girl of today who is strong, opinioned and recognizes her uniqueness     not as a flaw but as a beautiful distinction. With this campaign, Ginger hopes to create awareness regarding the unrealistic and unreasonable expectations that society has from young women and we hope that it resonates with young women, reiterating that it’s their uniqueness that makes them who they are and celebrates the strength they have to rise above any negativity that comes their way.”

“ We’re celebrating the quirks, the differences, the uniqueness – because that’s what makes each of these girls shine. It’s what makes them real, badass, strong, and most importantly, Imperfectly Perfect. Why should you have to meet standards you don't subscribe to or agree with? Why does fair equal beautiful and why should flat or fat make you feel like you're less or more? Why do your fashion choices carry the added burden of speaking up for your morals? Why are 'sexy' and 'hot' labels rather than compliments? Raised eyebrows or awkward silences notwithstanding, too many questions and not nearly enough answers. We wanted Ginger to be the bold voice of the girl who has a strong mind to go with it and is totally comfortable in her skin. To celebrate her individuality beyond stereotypes and tags and acknowledge the quirks and uniqueness that makes her unapologetically herself. To declare boldly that if perfection is the standard the world imposes, she is gloriously and happily #imperfectlyperfect ", commented Priya Shivakumar, ECD & Creative Head, JWT Bengaluru 

" I believe this is a brave new campaign for the bold and the beautiful girls out there. Am really proud that Ginger from Lifestyle which is one of the biggest brands in the retail space, built by the J Walter Thompson company has given girls enough reason to celebrate their imperfections.” added Senthil Kumar, Chief Creative Officer, JWT India


Senthil Kumar: Chief Creative Officer

Priya Shivakumar: ECD, Writer 

Creative Team: Pradeep Ravindran, Ashwin Lingan, Saagarika Shenoy

Servicing: Vigyan Verma, Arunava Sen, Sravani Rani.


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