Linc Pen empowers students for their boards with the new campaign

Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. one of India’s most trusted writing instruments for the last four decades with a strong presence over 50 countries, has lauded the resolution and hard work of students who are taking their board exams this year with a brand new advertising campaign “Best of Luck” from Linc. Keeping the simplicity alive of the three most common words spoken to each other by students before tip toeing expectantly inside the examination hall, Linc Pen weaves in the magic that transpires to raise the self-belief through simple humane touch. All the love and appreciation the brand has received throughout its growth trajectory, Linc Pen’s ad campaign touches the emotional chords of all its connoisseurs, celebrating a vital phase of student life by wishing all across India, “Best of Luck”.

Linc Pen kicked-off its campaign aiming to connect directly with their students. It is a clear shift from the oft-repeated ‘strong, foreign, technology, quality, innovation and smooth writing’ proposition in the writing instrument category communication. The advertisement is unique as it helps the viewer to relate more to the inherent qualities of the brand through the sojourn of a little girl becoming an inherent part of another person’s life and their success story. The TVC has been created by Soho Square Advertising & Marketing Communications Pvt. Ltd. and is live on multiple digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It has already garnered 4 million views on Youtube and 3.5 million views on Facebook for its poignant storyline.

Speaking on the latest ad campaign of Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd: Mr.  Jalan, the Managing Director stated, “Linc has been synonymous to the education sector for years now. Board examination is the first step towards achieving life’s goals and as Linc has been an inseparable companion during exams and also various walks of life we wanted to show our love, admiration and support towards all the hard work that children are putting during their examinations. Through this new campaign we connect with every student to not just attain success in life but also transform into a better human being. On behalf of Linc Pen family, I wish the students Best of Luck.”

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Rationale behind the campaign:

Linc celebrates the true spirit of exams – we believe that the purpose of which is not just to be the yearly check on our academic progress, but it also prepares us for who we want to be in life and what should we stand for. Every exam helps us believe in ourselves a little more than the previous one. Linc, participates with you in all exams.

This campaign centers around perseverance, determination, dedication and self-belief. The campaign also celebrates true spirit of partnership.

Campaign elements: Digital

Creative Agency: Soho Square Advertising & Marketing Communications Private Limited

Director: Aditya Vikram Sengupta

Creative Director: Team Soho

Production House: F.O.R Films

TVC details

Title of film : Exam Series

Duration : 60 secs


In a world where everyone is focused on personal-goals and achievements, this campaign takes the higher ground and encourages ‘great partnership’, after all that is what will make us citizens of the well-connected and collaborative world that we live in today.

Increasingly today, students are more active and aware around social causes and they admire brands that stand for a cause towards the society and the world. The youngsters today seek opportunities to get out of their comfort zones and contribute more towards the causes they believe in. Linc salutes that spirit in these students and encourages them to excel not just in their exams – but also to excel in these causes towards making the world and society.

Objective of the campaign:

To create recall for brand Linc amongst students this Exam Season


 While most pen brands during the Exam season talk about new or cool features or simply how their product is superior than others in terms of writing. The stationery category doesn’t witness too much of brand loyalty and is mostly run by students asking for a certain type of pen or they ask for pens at a certain price point. Linc wanted to build preference for itself by finding an emotional place in the hearts and minds of these students (as well as their parents), so that they ask for Linc Pens instead of just any ‘gel’ or ‘a ball point’ or any INR 5/- or INR 10/- pen.

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Campaign Summary:

 A young girl in a school uniform (about 12 years old) is packing her school bag and pencil box. She leaves her room and goes down the stairs. As she leaves her house, we can see her mother is standing at the window and watching her leave. The mother prays for the girl. It looks like this girl is on her way to school for an exam. She looks at her watch while leaving. She is walking through lanes and roads on her way to school. She takes a river ferry on her way to school and throws a coin into the Ganges while uttering a prayer. She has to wait at a railway crossing while a train crosses and looks at her watch as she is getting late. She runs very fast and makes the bus just in time. She finally reaches the school and the exam hall. Here we see that a blind girl has been waiting for her and this girl is a volunteer who will write the exam for the blind girl. There are other blind students and volunteer school girls writing their exams for them in the exam hall.

VO: Har Exam ka samna yakeen ke saath karo. Best of luck from Linc

The story begins with a girl who has packed her bags hurriedly and has left home for school. It looks as if she is nervous and is worried that she might get late. On her way when a cat crosses pass her, her reaction shows that she did not want any inauspicious thing to happen to her at that point. In her journey to reach school, she crosses by lanes, a river, railway lines, catch a bus and walks a long path. When she reaches and notices that she has reached on time, there is a sigh of relief and happiness in her. We then realize she took all that effort and travelled so far just to help a blind girl write her exam.

During Exams we have heard of students going into depression, have also heard of students blanking out and facing other difficulties. The main reason behind this is that they lack confidence. Through this campaign we wanted to show that if you believe in yourself everything is possible.


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