LUX re-launches its new and improved Magical Spell body wash

Committed to driving product superiority, LUX recently re-launched its new and improved Magical Spell body wash that gives long-lasting fragrance up to 24 hours. With this extraordinary claim, LUX wanted to prove its superiority. 

Enter renowned smell expert Laurine Sautour, who has a trained nose and the superb ability to identify smells — from the different notes of perfumes to the fragrance of everyday seemingly mundane things.

LUX taps Laurine’s unique talent and asks her to distinguish fragrances of six popular body wash brands through a blind smell test. Six women each shower with a different body wash. 24 hours later, they are called in to see if the body wash fragrances are still detectable on their skin.

Interestingly, Laurine picks up environmental, daily scents by those who showered with competitor brands, such as the aroma of talcum powder on a new mom and a metallic effect from a well-worn bracelet. Laurine did not pick up any body wash smell.

But one scent stands out from one of the six women—the scent of black orchid notes. Laurine confidently identifies that the fragrance comes from one body wash she had previously smelled. Amazed by the 24-hour staying power of the fragrance, she asks which body wash it was. It is then revealed to her that it is LUX Magical Spell.

Sharing her experience, Laurine said "It was an opportunity to show people what smell experts do, and to create a deeper consciousness of the ability of scents to shape experiences and personalities."

Creative Director Savio Fonseca, Wunderman Thompson Singapore shared, “We're always thinking of new ways to enhance and showcase Lux’s product experience. To bring out the uniqueness of our latest 24-hour long-lasting fragrance claim, we created an unusual and surprising demonstration involving a super smeller.”

“Fragrance is invisible and so it’s harder to show it in a video format. With our great collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, we were able to come up with this concept of using a “Smell Expert” to highlight the superiority of our fragrances in a novel, interesting way. It was an eye-opening experience as we watched our expert Laurine in action, and we believe that consumers will be just as blown away as we were by this incredible demonstration,” Swarnim Bharadwaj, LUX Global Brand Director said.

This campaign was created by Wunderman Thompson Singapore and can now be seen on digital and E-Commerce platforms in China.  


Wunderman Thompson, Singapore
Marco Versolato, Chief Creative Officer, WPP@Unilever

Savio Fonseca, Creative Director

Gayle Lim, Creative Director

Sixin Wu, Junior Art Director

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Severine Vauleon, Global Brand Vice President, Lux

Swarnim Bharadwaj, Global Brand Director, Lux

Megan Zhu, Global Brand Manager, Lux

Lynn Goh, Global Assistant Brand Manager, Lux

Production (Shooting Gallery)
Bertrand Lee, Director

Daniel Wong, Senior Producer

Shelley Yip, Producer


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