Mangalam Camphor educates consumers to identify “Pure Camphor”

Praying holds a strong significance in the Indian culture, where purity is touted as an important element in our devotion. Since ancient times, camphor has been an essential part of the act, often used as a pure offering along with extending to spiritual benefits such as purification of thoughts or energy in the house.

Mangalam Camphor, one of the leading camphor manufacturers in India, understands this very significance of purity in the act of praying and addresses it through the offering of 100% pure camphor tablets. Currently due to the commoditised nature of this category, there are a lot of local
brands that sell adulterated camphor at a cheaper price. Consumers don't even know they are buying adulterated camphor. Hence, the adulteration goes unseen as the consumer is not equipped with parameters of evaluation for pure camphor. To combat this, the strategic approach was to strengthen the consumer pull by equipping consumers with the criterion to evaluate camphor’s purity by building a strong preference for pure camphor from Mangalam.

With this campaign, Mangalam Camphor took the onus of educating consumers about the widespread sale of adulterated camphor and moved them towards making an informed choice. The TVC, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, urges consumers to buy nothing but pure camphor for their prayers and strengthens the association of Mangalam with purity.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Abhijit Avasthi, Co-founder, Sideways, said, "It's always exciting to build a brand in a category that is primarily commoditized. These are rare opportunities. To bring alive the purity promise of Mangalam camphor we cooked up a comic tale about a small town drama actor caught in an odd position."


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