Meme Marketing and Content Seeding - when power merges!

meme marketing and content seeding - when  power merges! 

Authored By- Monish Hardasani, Chief Marketing Officer, Meme  Chat 

With social media continually on the rise, meme  marketing has transformed hundreds of brands' social  media marketing strategies. The millions of memes  posted each day on social media can't be escaped,  regardless of the app, you use. With the ability to go  viral and increase brand exposure, these memes are  now being utilised by many as their core communication  strategy.  

Recently MemeChat, a social media app, well known for  curating quirky memes, developed a campaign for Moj,  an Indian video-sharing social networking platform. The  campaign used tools like meme marketing and content  seeding to connect with GenZs and millennials and  create engagement and recall of the platform. 

Category and Brand Introduction

Moj is an Indian video-sharing social networking service  owned by Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. It  features special effects, emoticons, stickers, and short  videos that have a duration of 15 seconds to one minute  under genres like dance, travel, singing, acting, comedy,  and education. 

The brand wanted to explore new and innovative ways  to reach its audience. Moj partnered with MemeChat to  drive a campaign by using content seeding and meme  marketing.  


Creator virality through memes 

Campaign Snapshot: 

  • Duration: 29 Days
  • Platforms Activated: Instagram and MemeChat No. Of Posts: 650


MemeChat known for its quick-witted and waggish  humour adopted the following strategy to help Moj gain  popularity 

1.Creating Meme Templates 

  • Meme creators subtly introduced the brand’s  name in the meme template they curated. 
  • Real Austin Joker and Big boss were the main  content pieces. Meme templates were created  on them and pushed through content seeding.  Around 15000 memes were created per meme  template on the Meme Chat App. Apart from  these other content pieces focussed on topical  content and Moj Punjabi Star. The campaign  resulted in a massive social engagement for the  creator and the brand.  
  1. Influencer Seeding and Content Seeding MemeChat helped Moj gain popularity with  content seeding through the influencer - Austin.  They pushed the content through seeding on  various distribution channels (Instagram & Memechat)
  2. Meme Marketing- To help the brand reach a  wider audience, Meme Chat also utilised meme  marketing where memes were marketed through  Mememchat’s distribution channels to amplify it by targeting to create awareness & and deliver the brand messages across various demographics. 

Few Highlights of the Campaign:  

For Moj Creator - Austin 

  • Instagram  

1.NO. OF POSTS: 171 

2 VIEWS: 32.25M+ 


  • MemeChat 


For Big Boss 

1.NO. OF POSTS: 147 

2 VIEWS: 40.03M+


For Topical Posts 

1.NO. OF POSTS: 267

2. VIEWS: 55.43M+


For Punjabi Superstar 

1.NO. OF POSTS: 51 

2 VIEWS: 5.59M+ 



The brand saw a positive lift in awareness of the brand.  The campaign resulted in the total engagement of  11,235,534 audiences resulting in total impressions of  139,978,890. This was achieved through 650 posts. The  campaign helped Moj, a brand that has over 300 million  MAUs successfully reaching Gen Z’s through innovative  and immersive experiences that MemeChat creates  through various formats. This shows that big brands are  also using meme marketing to make creators viral on  other platforms. 



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