#MemeMania: JCB + viral trend = Brand creativity

It has become difficult to comprehend what makes for viral trends and meme fest on social media these days. A few days back, the humble JCB excavator became a subject of hilarious memes and #JCBKiKhudai went viral. 

The source of the meme is pretty vague. However, it is said that due to multiple videos of a JCB machine simply digging the ground were uploaded, which gained insanely high viewership and first went viral on YouTube. Another source said that an MP referred to the JCB machines in one of his political speeches. Also, Sunny Leone sharing a picture of herself standing on a JCB machine, which helped make ‘JCB India Ki Khudaayi’ a phenomenon on social media. 

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Not once to miss out on any opportunity to take up on any current trends, soon brands latched on to the JCB meme-fest and the result was much humour and some smart communication tactics. 

Take a look at how brands made the most of #JCBKiKhudai:

While brands piggy backed on this social media phenomenon, people flooded the web with various memes and made 'JCB India Ki Khudaayi' a trending topic:

The momentum of the tweets was so high that JCB India officially addressed the trend:


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