News18 Bangla's 'Soja Sapta' Tops Bengali Debate Shows

News18 Bangla ‘Soja Sapta’ a unique and riveting debate show, has firmly established itself as the leading contender in the Bengali regional news segment. With its distinctive format that brings together politicians, intellectuals, thinkers, and policy-makers on one stage, the show has become a must-watch for viewers seeking diverse perspectives and engaging discussions.

Hosted by Biswa Majumdar, the Editor–East of News18 Network, 'Soja Sapta' continues to engage audiences with its insightful exploration of societal aspects. With extensive experience in journalism and witnessing various political conundrums and power transitions in Indian Politics, Biswa Majumdar contributes valuable insight and expertise to the show by addressing crucial issues with policymakers.

‘Soja Sapta’ stands true to its Bengali name, which translates as ‘Straight Forward’ in English, by fearlessly raising the concerns and challenges encountered by ordinary citizens and ensuring their voices reach the ears of politicians and policy-makers. The show takes a broad approach, encircling a wide range of relevant issues such as politics, healthcare, environment, and social matters, providing a well-rounded perspective on everyday life. Each episode delves into the week's most current and newsworthy problem, keeping viewers informed and engaged with current affairs. News18 Bangla ‘Soja Sapta’ takes pride in inviting not only politicians but also intellectuals, artists, authors, poets, and social activists from various fields to voice their perspectives on a single platform, establishing a diverse and enriching debating environment.

As the popularity of ‘Soja Sapta’ continues to ascend, the show recently attained an important milestone by conducting an exclusive interview with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, just ahead of the Panchayat Election in Bengal. This interview provided a rare glimpse into the Chief Minister's viewpoint and her vision for the state.

Additionally, during the recent Panchayat elections, ‘Soja Sapta’ embarked on a journey to many parts of West Bengal, including Siliguri, Baharampur, Coochbihar, and Suri, highlighting the region-specific issues faced by the people. The show provided a platform for the audience to directly interact with political leaders, allowing them to voice their concerns and queries.


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