Nippon Paint is crafting unforgettable brand experiences on Bigg Boss Kannada

In a recent interaction with Adgully, Mark Titus, Assistant Vice President, Nippon Paint, sheds light on the company’s dynamic marketing strategy and its alignment with evolving consumer trends. Emphasising the importance of customer preferences and behaviours, Titus reveals how Nippon Paint continuously adapts to shifting demands and trends to craft unforgettable brand experiences. Titus also provides insights into the factors influencing the selection of shows like ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ and their contribution to product promotion.

Could you elaborate on how Nippon Paint's current marketing strategy aligns with evolving consumer trends, especially concerning product portfolios?

Customer preferences and behaviours are the foundation of Nippon Paint’s product offers. We adjust to the shifting demands and trends of our customers. Our primary emphasis revolves around crafting unforgettable brand experiences. We guarantee customised strategies that align with the specific media vehicles and content that consumers interact with, fostering a dynamic approach to fulfil their expectations. Additionally, as people frequently start home remodelling and painting projects around holidays, we concentrate extra attention on holiday season marketing.

Could you share insights into Nippon Paint's marketing budget for 2023 and how it is allocated among various initiatives, including those related to reality TV shows?

This year, sports and light-hearted entertainment were the main themes of our marketing campaign. We established strategic alliances with well-known IPL teams like RCB and CSK. Meanwhile, we expanded our participation in a variety of sports, such as tennis, by adding Chirag Shetty and Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, and we sponsored the Tamil Thalaivas squad in the Pro Kabbadi League. Furthermore, we demonstrated our dedication to reality television by emphasising light-hearted series like ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’, which perfectly complemented the brand’s fun and carefree image.

What factors and considerations influence the selection of reality TV shows like ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ in Nippon Paint's marketing strategy? How do these shows contribute to product promotion?

Every year, ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ stands out as a key partnership for us. The show’s widespread popularity and its alignment with our brand’s overall image make it a perfect fit. The show’s wide distribution and great viewer engagement translate into a major contribution to product promotion. We strategically invest in shows that guarantee broad exposure to our target audience.

What specific objectives does Nippon Paint aim to achieve through sponsoring ‘Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10’, and what targeted impact is expected from this sponsorship?

Our collaboration with ‘Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10’ is driven by our substantial market presence throughout Karnataka. The show’s large Kannada audience viewing offers a great chance to increase our brand’s awareness and recall. The sponsorship is strategically designed to leverage the show’s widespread viewership, not only within Karnataka but also beyond, aiming to create a substantial impact on brand awareness.

Could you provide insights into the marketing mediums and plans employed specifically for the ‘Bigg Boss’ sponsorship? How does Nippon Paint maximise its presence through these mediums?

We use in-person activations related to ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’, such as branding on the ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ set. Also, we run customer competitions that provide winners the chance to visit the set and speak with the host of the programme. This strategy not only enhances brand visibility but also contributes to sales promotion by engaging consumers directly.

How was the year 2023 for the overall marketing ecosystem in India?

This year’s marketing landscape has been highly competitive, with brands utilising a variety of media and innovative techniques. The trend from broad-based media planning to more focused micro-planning is evident, especially with the usage of micro-influencers and user-generated content. The integration of data, digital tools, and the rise of new content generation ecosystems are significantly shaping and transforming the overall marketing approach.

What are the key trends and developments that dominated the year in your industry/ sector? What are their implications in the times ahead?

The business is undergoing notable changes as we enter 2024, most notably the broad use of modern media and a growing focus on micro-planning for focused marketing. These trends are dynamic, which emphasises how important it is for businesses to be flexible and quick to react to successfully negotiate the changing market. Anticipating 2024, the industry and its future course will be further shaped by the importance of brands being flexible and responsive.

How was your company’s performance in 2023? What were the major steps taken to boost growth and create deeper engagement with your consumers?

Active engagement with stakeholders and end customers along the whole value chain is highly valued by the organisation. One important tactic to promote expansion and build deeper relationships with customers is to tailor communication campaigns for various stakeholders, including dealers, painters, contractors, architects, and final homeowners. This strategy adheres to the current business trend of putting customised communication plans into place.


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