Spotify announces season 2 of the popular audio thriller, Virus 2062

 Spotify announced season two of the Original audio thriller series, ‘Virus 2062’, a Hindi adaptation of ‘Caso 63’, a Spotify Original from Chile. Voiced by Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal as protagonists, this season of the audio thriller brings back the mystery of time, space, and reality. 

Produced by MnM talkies and directed by Mantra Mugdh, season two of the fictional series spans 10 episodes and features Richa Chadha as psychiatrist Dr. Gayatri Rajput and Ali Fazal as her client, Peter Pereira. While season one focused on the interactions between Dr. Gayatri and Peter, in this season, Dr. Gayatri wakes up in a timeline to find that roles have been reversed, and she is now both the time traveller and the enigmatic patient of a psychiatrist. The English adaptation, Case 63, featuring Hollywood stars Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac, has also garnered interest from global audiences.  

“After the success of the first season of Virus 2062, we’ve seen significant traction on thriller podcasts on Spotify in India. With the second season of Virus 2062, we continue the thrilling story of psychiatrist Dr. Gayatri Rajput and her client Peter Pereira, voiced by Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal. We’re confident listeners will get hooked onto this season as much as they did in the first season”, said Unni Nambudripad, Content Development Lead, Spotify India.

Actor Richa Chadha, who returns as Dr. Gayatri Rajput, says, “Following the success of season one, reprising my role as Dr. Gayatri Rajput for the second season of Virus 2062 has been an exciting challenge. In season two, we emerge in a new timeline, where Gayatri has to grapple with a reversal of roles and a new reality. It continues to be an insightful and interesting experience to explore this form of storytelling as a voice actor with Spotify and Mantra, and we are excited to see how listeners receive this season of Virus 2062”.

 “In season two of Virus 2062, my character of Peter Pereira returns, stranded in a lost future. It has been both exciting and enriching to return to this show and continue to expand my creativity voicing this extraordinary world,  in a podcast, and I hope the audience enjoys listening to this season as much as we enjoyed making it”, said actor Ali Fazal. 

Director Mantra Mugdh, who returns to direct season two, says, “Virus 2062 has been the most mind-blowing project I have had the chance to create. Adapted from the original podcast Caso 63 from Chile, this story travels between the past, present, and the future as we know it, and leaves you questioning what really is ‘time’. Spotify has always pushed the envelope when it comes to audio fiction and this one is an absolute ripper. I promise you, once you start listening to this series, you won’t stop".

Psychological and crime thriller podcasts have been an audience favourite since Spotify’s launch in India and the success of shows like Bhaskar Bose and I Hear You with Aahana Kumra are a testament to that. The first season of Virus 2062, released in September 2021, reached number one on Spotify’s local 'Trending' chart. With the second season, get ready to unravel the truth of Gayatri and Peter’s fate, only on Spotify. 


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