Streaming & CTV have opened up new avenues for programmatic ads: Gandharv Sachdeva

The first half of the year 2023 has been a rollercoaster note, with an accelerated adoption of generative AI, AI chatbots, and digital innovations. This is bringing in new operational efficiencies, stronger strategies, a far greater emphasis on building deep bonds with various stakeholders and consumers. In keeping with the current market ecosystem, technology and a human approach are seen as going hand in hand.

As part of our annual TRENDING NOW series, Adgully has been approaching key industry leaders to Crystal Gaze into 2023 to highlight the major trends and developments that they see dominating the industry during the year.

In conversation with Adgully, Gandharv Sachdeva, Country Head - India and Thailand, Hybrid, speaks at length about the trends dominating the programmatic and advertising industry, how the first year of Hybrid has been, their expectations from the remaining half of the year, and much more.

Key trends dominating the programmatic/ advertising industry

Privacy and Data Protection: With the increasing focus on consumer privacy and data protection, the industry is witnessing stricter regulations and heightened scrutiny. Advertisers are adapting to these changes by implementing privacy-centric strategies and exploring alternative data sources.

Advanced Targeting and Personalisation: Programmatic advertising is evolving to offer more sophisticated targeting capabilities, driven by AI and machine learning. Advertisers are leveraging data insights to create highly personalised and relevant ad experiences across channels.

Connected TV and Streaming: The rise of streaming services and connected TV has opened up new avenues for programmatic advertising. Advertisers are investing in programmatic solutions to reach audiences consuming content on these platforms and deliver targeted ads.

Omnichannel Advertising: Marketers are increasingly adopting omnichannel strategies, combining programmatic advertising across various digital touchpoints to create seamless customer experiences. This approach allows for consistent messaging and effective audience targeting.

Measurement and Attribution: The industry is placing greater emphasis on accurate measurement and attribution models to gauge campaign performance and optimise ROI. Advertisers are exploring advanced analytics and multi-touch attribution solutions to better understand the customer journey.

The first half of 2023 for Hybrid

The first half of 2023 has been a period of significant growth and success for Hybrid. We have witnessed strong market penetration and adoption of our programmatic advertising technologies and services across various industries. We successfully launched in the Thailand and Vietnam market together with existing India and Indonesia markets. Our client base has expanded, and we have forged strategic partnerships with leading brands and agencies, publishers. We have also launched several innovative products and features like, empowering our clients to achieve their advertising goals more efficiently and effectively. We attended many industry events such as CMO Charcha Kolkata, MMA Impact Mumbai and MMA Impact Delhi, GoaFest, Programmatic Asia Symposium Mumbai… We also contributed to top industry reports and case study presentations.

Major expectations from the second half of 2023

In the second half of 2023, we expect to continue our upward trajectory and further solidify our position as a market leader in programmatic advertising. Our focus will be on driving innovation, expanding our product offerings, and delivering exceptional results for our clients. We anticipate introducing advanced targeting capabilities, enhancing our measurement and attribution solutions, and exploring new opportunities in emerging channels such as Contextual targeting, brand safety, TV sync and audio advertising. Additionally, we will continue to prioritise customer success, providing dedicated support and personalised strategies to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives.


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