TATA IPL on digital streaming is set to reinvent the stage for advertisers

TATA IPL 2024 is not just a cricket extravaganza. It's the ultimate platform for advertisers looking to maximise their reach and impact. With a potential reach of 650 Million viewers, the tournament will offer unparalleled opportunities to reach and connect with diverse audiences across India — whether they are watching the match on 5G-powered 4K devices or 4G feature phones. This year, JioCinema is going all out with its ad suite for IPL, making it easier than ever for brands to connect with fans. With live streaming across 19 feeds, exclusive IPL content available in multiple Indian languages, and 100+ cohorts for targeting, the possibilities are truly endless.

Advertisers have a unique opportunity to captivate audiences and elevate their brand presence like never before. Over 200 million cricket fans will watch the IPL on CTV devices. Among these, at least a quarter will cheer for their favourite team while watching the tournament on cutting-edge 4k devices. These ultra-premium viewers indulge in the finest, from beauty and personal care to investments, dining out, entertainment, consumer durables, and travel. Their high purchasing power and love for premium cricket experiences make them every marketer’s dream during IPL!

What makes TATA IPL 2024 even more unique is that users can stream the matches for free across all devices, including 4G feature phones. It will open doors for a new audience to experience IPL for the first time and for brands to connect with untapped audiences, previously only reachable through audio ads. Approximately 35-40 million users will stream IPL on their Jio 4G feature phones, providing brands with opportunities for innovative multimedia ad placements such as pre-roll roadblocks, custom communication, and coverage ownership to reach these truly incremental audiences. 

Advertisers can tap into 100+ audience cohorts for precise targeting across ad innovations during TATA IPL 2024. The largest number of cohorts available on LIVE sports will make the scale and reach unprecedented and the strategy extremely focused and granular. These cohorts will make advertising on IPL accessible for brands of all sizes. It also reduces any possibility of ad spend wastage, resolving a significant concern for marketers.

To further enhance this accessibility, JioCinema is extending IPL associations to small businesses and local retailers, offering impactful solutions tailored to fit affordable budgets. This initiative not only broadens the horizons for such businesses but also amplifies the impact of IPL advertising, ensuring that every brand, regardless of size, can leverage this unparalleled platform to maximise reach and engagement.

The 'IPL brand' holds immense power that a small business eyeing expansion can harness to captivate new audiences within a set budget. The strategic move enhances the campaign message's authenticity while building brand trust and facilitating seamless entry into previously untapped markets.

A local retailer can run campaigns tailored to reach consumers among cricket fans with precise targeting while tapping into the scale and grandeur of the IPL. It will set them apart in the current market and strengthen brand recall, awareness, and engagement.

Small businesses launching a new product or service can also leverage IPL to amplify communication and generate excitement, interest, and demand. Along with maximising exposure, the strategy will position them as relevant and appealing to consumers amidst the IPL fervour. 

TATA IPL  2024 will revolutionise advertising, especially on CTV, with innovative features like a seamless Second Screen Experience and Contextual Shopping on LIVE. These formats will empower brands to boost awareness as well as drive success across lower-funnel objectives. Also, advertisers can now own tailored feeds to win over the undivided attention of cricket fans with 100% category exclusivity. It means that the brand would truly stand out, ensuring a disproportionate ad presence that maximises visibility and impact.

During TATA IPL 2024, advertising won’t be just about getting seen. It will be about making a lasting impression that resonates with passionate cricket fans long after the last over. JioCinema has prepared the pitch with unparalleled opportunities— now it’s time for advertisers to hit it out of the park.


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