Teleport across the World with Flochat, India’s First Multi-Messenger App!

Take photographs and create cherished memories with loved ones, no matter how may miles away you are.

Ever wish you could be in two places at once? Now you can be with the new ‘Teleport’ feature from India’s first multi-messenger app, Flochat. This exclusive patented technology allows you to be able to capture and customize images taken from two or more mobile phones from different locations on a real time basis. To put it simply, that means you can click pictures with friends and family anywhere in the world no matter how many miles apart you actually are.

Suffering from major #FOMO because your bestie is on a trip to Paris while you’re stuck at the office? Connect with her through Flochat, and voila, you could be ‘teleported’ to take a picture standing right next to her at the Eiffel Tower in a matter of seconds through ‘Teleport’ world’s first innovative patented technology!

The perks don’t stop there. The more you use ‘Teleport’ and the greater the distance you cover, the more ‘FloMiles’ you accrue. These miles are redeemable for certain privileges, on receiving 75,000 FloMiles, you’ll be upgraded from a ‘FloTrooper’ to a ‘FloStar’, which is a Flo celebrity whose profile can be seen by users across the world.

“We at Flochat believe that the ‘Flo’ of conversations should never break and hence we have built an ecosystem that not only enables smart and quick communication but also a highly personalized experience. With ‘Teleport’, in particular, we want to do away with physical limitations and allow people to connect and create memories no matter where they are through a simple picture. This is the first time ever that such technology has been patented in the world,” says Founder and CEO, Prateek Lal.

While this patented technology can be used to bring loved ones together, ‘Teleport’ also has great potential for influencers and celebrities to use this to build conversations and engage with fans from around the world. Flochat plans to take the technology even further and introduce augmented reality features for both photography and video in the future, so watch this space!


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