This Yoga Day, Experience Martial Arts Like Never Before on &flix

 Fitness brings power and contentment. Yoga not only fixes our bodies but also gives mental stability. To celebrate Yoga Day and to highlight the importance of fitness, &flix brings to you a binge filled with action and martial arts. With films like Game of Death, Hand of Death, The Iron Fisted Monk, The Karate Kid, Twin Dragons and The Accidental Spy, the day certainly looks entertaining as well as inspiring.

So, work for a healthy lifestyle. Wake up early, spread your yoga mats, complete the regime and relax with a binge starting at 8 AMGame of Death is an action blockbuster starring the king of martial arts Bruce Lee in the lead role. He essays the role of a martial arts master who manages to save himself from a murder attack. But he must pretend to be dead in order to take his revenge. Next comes Hand of Death. Starring the legend Jackie Chan this film is the journey of a survivor of an attack on a rebel group opposing the Manchu invasion of China who then creates the Goose Fist fighting technique and tries for revenge on a traitor. The Iron Fisted Monk shows a restaurant worker aiming for revenge from Manchurian thugs who killed his boss. He joins a Shaolin temple under the advice of a monk who rescued him from death. Also, watch the Jackie Chan starrers The Karate Kid, Twin Dragons and The Accidental Spy. 

Get ready for some stellar moves on your screens with Flix Yoga Day Binge on 21st June


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