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Thought Leadership Series: Ambi Parameswaran & R. Sridhar in candid conversation

Never has there been a need for Thought Leaders more than the current times, as businesses are struggling to navigate through uncharted waters in the pandemic times. Considered absolute authorities in their chosen fields, Thought Leaders have the expertise to guide businesses to successfully tackle challenges, charter a growth course, but most of all encourage business leaders to think innovatively and look beyond the obvious. They have a deeper understanding of the market and are, therefore, able to create insightful analysis and content. 

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Not just businesses, a Thought Leader can guide the masses by being a trustworthy and authoritative voice, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. The passion, experience and drive are what make these leaders unique in their thinking and the industry recognises their expertise in different fields. With their vast experience and knowledge, they slowly graduate to role models and mentors and help in creating the next generation leaders for tomorrow. The end goal of Thought Leadership is often not sales or leads. Instead, it is a product in itself, with engagement being the equivalent of a sale. With a larger focus of sharing value and knowledge from years of practical experience. 

As part of our new initiative at Adgully, we are pleased to announce our THOUGHT LEADERHSIP SERIES. The series is designed to engage with some of the best leaders from the industry in the business of Marketing, Advertising and PR. The Series will provide several interesting insights and important takeaways for business leaders, start-ups, aspiring leaders-in-the-making that will help shape and build their careers. 

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This is a must attend fireside chat for the next generation leaders. For the first ever Thought Leadership episode, we have two of the greatest minds from the industry who will ignite everyone’s imagination with several valuable insights.  The session will be hosted by R. Sridhar, Innovation & Leadership Coach, Partner IDEAS RS, who will be in conversation with Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Strategist,, and author of several marketing books.

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