Thus, continues romance with newspapers

There is something very intimate about print and reader relationship. Nonintrusive and loving, almost like a romantic relationship between two individuals. Smell of print is special, more so when mingled with aroma of masala chai or rich coffee – a thread that binds stories, readers and advertisers like no other media can. A never ending tale of romance and commitment! An unbreakable bond!

Despite this, naysayers keep expressing concerns about the future of newspapers in India. However, the believers are comfortable in their knowledge that India is a different market and Indian audiences’ relationship with print is too sturdy to be shaken in a hurry. Their comfort is grounded in hardcore data. Study after study predicts a steady growth in newspaper readership and advertising in years to come.

Newspaper being read early in the morning is first major interaction of the day, with no room for partial attention. Hence, the romance with the newspaper continues unabetted and information as well as brand communication have way higher engagement as compared to other media. Outcome is a way higher brand recall, and excellent RoI, whatever the objective may be. Quality of reader engagement leads to even much higher intangible returns. These, in turn, play an effective role in the last leg of consumers’ purchase journey.

In case of language newspapers, bond is much stronger as they connect with the reader in his/her own dialect – a highly engaged consumer means much more effective brand communication strategy. No other medium can deliver the same magic as print when it comes to touching the pulse of the consumer. Prudent marketers, after all, do realise that far more important than frequency of connect is the effective reach – and that is possible only when the consumer is engaged with a medium unobtrusively. 

No wonder that television and online giants use print advertising effectively both to enhance consumer engagement and reach.

Sector Focus:

In an interaction, Amit Gujral, Chief Marketing Officer, LG India, spoke about strategic and tactical benefits of print advertising. Excerpts: “Print as a medium of consumer reach in India holds a very strategic and tactical position. Indian consumer behaviour on communication consumption is not very selective yet in ever growing digital media consumption in India. This is established by the fact of 5% CAGR growth of Print Media in India and it shall remain an important strategic media for brands.

“For any media to be consumed by consumers, it is derivative of lifestyles and behavioural patterns of consumers. In India, Newspaper has found its very constant place amongst varied variety of media as part of their lifestyles and thus it is a strategic medium for advertising. Of course, its reach versus the cost it attracts is a point of strategic decision for its usage. Also, for many tactical communications, newspaper advertising is here to stay.

“It is a medium that is consumed considerably in India and is here to stay for many more years to come, but selectively and strategically by brands.” 

Expert View:

Ram Subramanian, Writer. Director. Art-ivist, in a brief conversation with Adgully.com spoke passionately about how print matters. Excerpts from the conversation: “Print, I believe, penetrates deeper into the mind of a reader given the fact that it’s a visceral medium, the touch and feel of every page is different so it adds to the experience. “It is consumed, mostly, in the morning, when the reader’s mind is fresh and he/she is making his plan for the day. Talking of Consumer electronics, the category for which you put forth a specific question, it is a medium-sized purchase (Housing/Automobiles, etc., being largest and FMCG being the smallest), engaging with the consumer when he/she is likely to make an ‘unchangeable decision’ makes sense and hence it makes sense to advertise in print.

“As to how other mediums are effectively using print platforms, I heard about how Dainik Jagran’s Amazon Apke Dwar helped solving Amazon’s pain point in UP. I guess that’s great example of how print and Indian audiences connect.”


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