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Tic Tac expands its India focused seasonal flavor range

Keeping in mind the Indian youths need for new flavors, the global confectionery brand, Tic Tac has launched a succulent new flavor – Raw Mango. Raw mango for most in India is the flavor of choice for its tangy taste, so much so, that internet is full of various ‘raw mango’ based recipes. Combining the sugar mint with tanginess of raw mango, Tic Tac has created a unique flavor that fans will love. The unique oval shaped pills of Tic Tac, will be in the color of a raw mango and will be available at a price of Rs. 10 in its unique flip top box.

The new flavor introduction is based on the findings of an extensive research with the Indian youth on their preference of flavors for the upcoming season. This limited edition flavor launch is an effort to further strengthen its connect with their Indian fan base. Raw Mango would remind many of their childhood evoking nostalgia of relishing the tangy taste. This tanginess coupled with India’s favorite mint - Tic Tac promises a refreshing and long lasting taste experience. The snazzy flip-top pack with many pills inside and its rattling sound is bound to enthrall the consumers bringing out the fun of sharing Tic Tac among their friends. 

Notably, in its wide portfolio of flavours, Tic Tac Saunf is another Indian flavor which has found immense popularity among the consumers. Tic Tac has consistently come up with great Indian flavors in its attempt to cater to the Indian audience. Its current assortment of flavors includes – Mint, Orange, Saunf, Red Apple, Strawberry, Intenser, Peach Lemonade & Cherry Cola.


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