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TV9 Bangla manifests Bangaliana, Amaader Kaal, Aaj, Kaal

Bangaliana laid the foundation of modern India. The very essence of the Bengali identity was at the helm of Indian progress. Bengalis have surpassed all other communities and races in terms of leadership, power, strong determination, grit, firmness, never-say-die attitude, exemplary visions. It has let the community set apart from the rest with respect to their acceptance towards newness, faced undaunted challenges and strove with unfledged knowledge for beckoning success.

TV9 Bangla’s Bangaliana initiative aims to hold the platform to discuss challenges, soul- search for solutions while celebrating the achievements of Bengalis across the globe. Towards the revival of Bangaliana, the news channel broadly sets to mobilize and sensitize some 10 Crores Bengalis in the quest for their glory and to deliberate the present for charting the future roadmap.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale boasts of even saying today, “What Bengal Thinks Today, India Thinks Tomorrow.” Taking this thought forward, the sentiments of Bengalis has made the race recalls the history of achievements that goes back centuries before the modern age. But have those days of glory long been relegated to idle nostalgia? Individual stars continue to shine but have Bengalis failed to be a race of the leaders? Has the time for some candid deliberations arrived to lead Bengalis somewhere and provide a platform for framing the future? Is it the time for Bengalis to take stock of the current realities and take the lead once again to bring the Bengali identity? These thoughts instigate Bengalis to contemplate soul-search and go about reclaiming the narrative, disregarding the stated political, cultural, and ideological positions.


As TV9 Bangla extends its arms to bring Bengalis together to celebrate Bengaliness, it unfolds the event into five key aspects:

  • Laced with different programs, Bangaliana Manifesto has beenlaunched on 14th January, the channel’s first year anniversary, unveiling Bangaliana logo with music theme, followed by the launch of Bangaliana Manifesto, views on Bangaliana from various members of the Bangaliana Advisory Committee, and the most awaited speech from the TV9 Network’s CEO Sri. Barun Das.  
  • Interestingly, TV9 Bangla records to be the first news channel in Bengal to telecast uninterrupted TV programs for a stretch of six hours long program on Bangaliana called Bangaliana Telethon to be held on 6th February. Chaired by the TV9 News Network’s CEO, accompanied by four different Co-Hosts of big names and celebrities or achievers of different fields like Ms. Arpita Chatterjee, Sri. Gautam Ghosh, Ms. Ritabhori Chakraborty, Mr. Anirban Bhattacharya to showcase some 10 different insightful topics.
  • TV9 Bangla never fails to impress its viewers with multi-faceted programs and this time a never-seen-before warming up programs to Build up to Conclave on Bangaliana, What Bengal Thinks Today has been strategically designed to set the audience on fire! Composed of short stories to be aired between 6th February to 24th March, these fresh episodes intend to steal the show.
  • TV9 Bangla is yet to overwhelm audience with another surprise to rejuvenate Bangaliana Conclave - What Bengal Thinks Today, a day-long structured brainstorming sessions to be held on 25th March by the established achievers pof Bengalis in different disciplines.
  • TV9 Bangla spearheads to embark on a power-packed annual program, to be held over 52 weeks post conclave, that sets to be the outcome of the manifestation derived from the discussions and study of the Conclave, Bangaliana Survey and Bangaliana Telethon.

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