Twitter left with black eye, even as it clarifies reason for blocking Amul's topical post

On 3 June, Amul released a social media post that read “Topical Post: About the boycott of Chinese products”. With its usual wit, Amul’ creative showed the iconic Amul girl gesturing stop to a ‘Red Dragon’ because dragons are part of China’s mythology and red is the colour of its flag and associated with communism. The text in the topical post read ‘Exit the Dragon?’ which harkened back to popular Bruce Lee film ‘Enter the Dragon’ released in 1973.

The Tweet was widely shared across social media platforms until users noticed that it had been blocked by the platform. There was an immediate outcry as Twitterati believed that Amul’s post had been blocked due to influence from China. A call to boycott Twitter was immediately taken up.

On 6 June, Managing Director of GCMMF R S Sodhi personally came to the rescue of the platform and clarified “Had a call from Shari Manish Maheshwari MD Twitter India, clarifying the issue that the account was blocked due to technical reasons and not in relation to the content published.”

By then, the news had been carried by several news portals and Twitter had generated some bad press and negative sentiment from Indian consumers.


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