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Venom - Let There Be Carnage will release in Indian theatres on October 14

Negating all naysayers who wondered about the fate of big screen entertainment post COVID-19, Sony Pictures’ sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, shattered all pandemic-era benchmarks with a stunning $90.1 million domestic debut in the US. The Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson biggie also made huge waves internationally with a blockbuster opening of $13.8 million in Russia, the largest ever for Sony in that market.  And now the epic saga revolving around one of Marvel’s greatest and most complex characters, is all set to conquer the Indian box-office in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu in 3D, IMAX, 4DX.
The slick Andy Serkis directorial is all set to release in India on October 14 and says trade analyst Ramesh Bala, "To say that the franchise has a huge following in India would be an understatement. The extended closure of cinema halls across the country has made people hungry for big screen entertainers that offer them not just emotional engagement but staggering visual effects and this film promises to be the whole package. I have no doubt that it will energise the trade circles, bring audiences back to theatres in droves and smash box-office records."
Trade analyst Sreedhar Pillai added, "The fact that the film is releasing in multiple South-Indian languages will help it to reach a large demographic of potential and pre-existing Venom fans and the time of the film’s release right in the middle of the festive season, is also just perfect. Looks like it will be hot in the market and surely live up to the success it already has enjoyed globally and the expectations it has raised here."
Girish Johar, Producer and Film Business Expert, says "Venom has done fantastic business in Hollywood. The fact that it is being released in multiple Indian languages will itself increase its reach to a wider, demographic audience. With the pandemic being a little on the subside and the vaccination process being increased, there is a lot of curiosity of audiences coming back to the theatre to enjoy big screen entertainment again and I really do hope that Venom does get a very good start at the Box Office. I am indeed very optimistic because the film has not only got Box Office numbers overseas but it has also got fantastic feedback and reviews which has further created the buzz here. I really hope that the same process is replicated in India as well."
Trade veteran Atul Mohan says, "The largest number of ticket buying fans are waiting to see a film like this for a long time on the big screen. Sony Pictures’ strategy to address the linguistic needs of a diverse and multi-lingual fan base should reap rich rewards."
Rajender Singh Jyala, Chief Programming Officer, INOX Leisure Limited says, "Venom: Let there be carnage has created a new weekend box office record in the US post-pandemic. The film has opened with great numbers in many other countries as well. It is releasing in India on 14th October. Marvel enjoys a great fan following in India and there is lots of buzz around the film. Venom: LTBC is expected to create a box office record in India too." 
Thomas D'souza, Senior Vice President Programming, PVR Limited says, "Superheroes from the Marvel Army are enticing the audiences back to the cinemas. The enthusiasm of audience captivated by Marvel films is very contagious indeed and we are excited about VENOM: LTBC which has had a stupendous opening on this side of the pandemic and we are confident that India will capitalise on the good start and contribute handsomely."

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