Vicco Vajradanti alters biggest brand asset to target millennials

Vajradanti Vajradanti Vicco Vajradanti! If you were born during the 90s you will definitely remember this jingle during the Doordarshan heydays. It was one of the most iconic jingles during that period along with Santoor’s ‘Nikhra Nikhra Roop Tera’ and ‘Nima Sandal Girl’.

Much before Pantanjali came to wear the crown of Ayurveda, Vicco was offering its creams, toothpaste, tooth powder, and other Ayurvedic products to consumers. The bright yellow packaging indicated that the product had a high dose of turmeric, an ingredient that Indians associate with beauty and anti-ageing properties. To combat odour, they had the powerful smell of sandalwood imbued in their products.

Vicco was a pioneer in product advertising, one of the first to sponsor TV shows and advertise in cinema halls. There are precise associations that the brand brings to mind, even today.

Cut to 2020, the brand has roped in youth icon and actress Alia Bhatt as their new brand ambassador. Their previous ambassador was film and TV actress Indrani Chakraborthy, more popularly known by her stage name ‘Mishti’.

Vicco recently released their first campaign film after signing on Bhatt. While the film promotes their tooth paste and powder range, it appears more like a brand campaign.

The brand has contemporised its jingle to appeal to the new generation, with ‘Yeh Hai Wohi Vicco Vijradanti’. However, there are several callbacks to the old Vicco ads with the bite of an apple and guitar. The brand doesn’t want to give up its nostalgic appeal, even as it tries to create a perception of being trendy and hip.

Shrirang Tembherkar
Shrirang Tembherkar

“The first objective is to communicate the association of Vicco with Alia. Basically, the thought behind roping in Alia (Bhatt) was to connect with the millennials. She has a great fan following and influence in that TG. We felt there was a disconnect between the brand and these consumers, and Alia would be the perfect fit,” explained Shrirang Tembherkar, Brand and Media Manager at ViccoLabs.

He added, “When you say Vicco, the first thing that comes to mind is that trust. Today, there are many other competitors speaking about Ayurvedic and herbal products. Brands that have spent their entire lifespans promoting themselves as cosmetic brands are now calling themselves natural/ herbal. As far as Vicco is concerned, the first thing that should come to mind is trusted Ayurveda.”

Triton Communications has been working on the brand mandate for one and a half years.

Virendra Saini
Virendra Saini

“The brand has been doing a certain kind of communication for a very long time. The brief was to make the brand appear younger, contemporary and relevant to today’s audience,” said Virendra Saini, Executive Director and Head at Triton Communications (Mumbai).

Jyotsna Parikh
Jyotsna Parikh

“We started with the jingle because that’s where the whole legacy is, right from the time we were kids,” Jyotsna Parikh, Creative Head at Triton Communications (Mumbai), said, adding, “We identified that as the biggest and strongest asset of the brand. The idea was to give it a more modern feel.”

Triton conceived a new tagline for the brand, called ‘Daant Gungunaye’. The campaign has gone live on TV, digital, print and outdoor. The campaign will be live until the second quarter of 2020. The brand has shot six films as part of the creative strategy. Two films will talk about the product range while the other four films will talk about the variants. As part of the campaign, Vicco has refreshed their packaging, which will also carry a picture of Bhatt replacing their previous model.

Since its inception, the brand has expanded to other categories. It began with toothpaste and cream. Now it offers a range of products under the categories skin care, oral care, body pain and shaving cream. With the latest campaign, it has launched three new toothpaste variants – Saunf (fennel), Dalchini (cinnamon), and sugar free.

KS Gopal
KS Gopal

Speaking about the creative execution of the campaign, KS Gopal, Creative Partner at Civilisation, observed, “The spot targets a young audience and that said, the use of a celebrity will no doubt give it noticeability. But the attempt to affirm the brand’s core proposition and make it relevant to the audience, one hopes, is not overshadowed by the song and dance routine.”


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