We are working towards large B2B footprint for expanding further: Puneet Gupta

Edelweiss Private Wealth is one of the fastest growing Wealth Management firms in India. Their clientele includes New Age Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Family Offices, CXOs and Corporate Treasuries. A whole range of personalised services designed to meet customers’ needs is offered by the company. Their primary focus is to create awareness to their customers about the developments in the industry and helping them understand the available opportunities and gently guide them towards the products and services that best suit their requirements.

To further promote and push their array of services, Edelweiss recently launched their new digital campaign – ‘Don’t waste. Invest.’ (‘Fizool kharch taalo. Invest kar daalo.’). The campaign is aimed at creating brand awareness and promoting the habit of saving to invest. The campaign is aimed at 10-12 cities, including the Tier 2 and 3 towns.

Speaking to Adgully, Puneet Gupta, Digital Business & Marketing Head – Personal Wealth, Edelweiss Wealth Management, elaborates on how the company is looking at technology and digital to build their equity and increase their presence by offering a basket of services.

Every other reputed financial brand today is aggressively marketing their wealth management services. How is Edelweiss Wealth Management trying to stay different through their products and services?

The competition is indeed intense, and hence it is essential to adopt a different approach to strike a chord with the audience and be their go-to partner for wealth management services. Our products and services are very selective with that of wealth management. As an organisation that has always believed in adopting a customer-first approach, we not only talk about wealth and our services to customers, but also strive to educate them about the industry.

Our focus is to create an awareness to our customers about the developments in the industry, helping them understand the available opportunities, and gently guiding them towards the products and services that best suit their requirements. No two products are the same, and the same goes for customers. So, our focus is on offering bespoke solutions per our clients’ needs.

We have undertaken several innovative and educational campaigns, where we are not promoting any particular product or asset class, but creating a sense of awareness regarding money and investments. Through our campaigns, we are trying to drive home the point if your money is indeed safe with you. If you think yes, it’s time to probably rethink. We want to bring in a sense of awareness among our customers, where we are informing them about being cautious while spending and save money for the future as well.

Digital transformation has happened rapidly. How are you leveraging technology to stay ahead in the race and give your clients better services and adding value to their investments?

In today’s age, technological prowess can go a long way in defining success and it’s crucial to leverage technology to stay ahead of the curve. We, at Edelweiss, understand that and have geared our systems and processes in such a manner that it helps us to understand the needs of the customers, identify the existing gaps and plug them at the earliest.

With the help of technology, we are creating platforms through which clients can easily buy products and services they require, which could range from Do-It-Yourself or in conjunction with Relationship Managers or Partners. Through technology, we are creating solutions to enrich the end-to-end service experience of our customers and not just transactions. We are digitising reports so that our clients can easily store and retrieve them whenever required in a hassle-free manner.

What has been your overall marketing strategy to grow your business and how do you engage with your audiences on a continuous basis offering them your trusted advice?

Our marketing strategy is largely tilted towards providing digital advice and use omni-channel to promote our products and services through RMs, Partners, Call centers and Digitally. We are communicating and interacting with different cohorts to understand their needs and offer them the best-suited products and services. It is important to understand that no one likes to be sold to, but buy. Hence, our marketing strategies are targeted towards educating our customers and providing them solutions instead of products. We feel once customers are aware about this, they can understand a product better and gauge whether it aligns with their needs or not. This helps them to judge better and make an informed decision.

Our marketing strategy encompasses engaging in a healthy discussion with our customers about their portfolio and conducting segment-specific webinars to educate them about different investment products. We also conduct webinars that focus on how customers can leverage on these products for their benefits and achieve their financial goals.

Where do you see growth coming for wealth management products & services at Edelweiss? Are Tier 2 and 3 markets in your radar for growth?

The market is growing at a rapid pace and there is a huge opportunity to tap. India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the wealth pool is increasing. More and more people are inclined towards professional wealth management services and the space is pretty dynamic. With PAG as our partner, we are moving ahead with precision and we are growing organically by focusing more on customers digitally.

Of course, Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets are on our radar. We are building our branch networks in Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations to expand our clientele. We are working towards large B2B footprint for expanding further.

Tell us more about your new campaign ‘Don’t waste. Invest.’ (‘Fizool kharch taalo. Invest kar daalo.’). What’s the objective of this campaign and how has the campaign performed and what kind of expectation has been set for the campaign?

‘Savings’ and ‘Investing’ – both these terms hold equal weight when it comes to securing one’s financial future. The campaign is aimed at creating brand awareness and promote the habit to invest.

Today, people are continuously exposed to various offers and discounts on their social media account. Easily tempted by these deals, people end up splurging the money which can be easily invested. Gradually, the investments can turn into wealth and secure their future.

Edelweiss’ ad campaign, therefore, seeks to do two things. Firstly, make people realise about their impulse spending behaviour by raising the question: ‘Is your money safe with you?’. Secondly, it advises them to download the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App and sign up to take advantage of world-class trading and investment platform. The campaign is targeted towards all the individuals with an underlying objective of educating them with the right approach to invest.  Edelweiss aims to target 12 cities, including Tier 1 and Tier 2.

The digital campaign went live on our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. And we received a total number of 396,709 views and 800,138 reach till now across all the platforms. There are a total of two separate videos for this digital campaign and were launched in phases.

Our campaign takes a humorous and entertaining approach to make people realise this and ask themselves if ‘their money is safe with them’. We then advise them to download the Edelweiss Mobile Trader App and sign up, to take advantage of world-class tradingand investment platform. In other words: ‘Fizool kharch taalo. Invest kar daalo.’ (Don’t waste. Invest.)

In the upcoming phases, the campaign will further be leveraged on the OTT platforms as part of the media mix.


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