Welspun Flooring encourages Indians to revamp their home

This festive season, Welspun Flooring Limited, a fully integrated and independent flooring vertical of USD 2.7 billion Welspun Group, is encouraging Indians to revamp their floors as part of their home renovation plans through its ‘Floor Makeover In a Day’ campaign. The multipronged campaign will see the brand launch a digital ad film featuring Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and leverage the reach of influencer marketing to highlight its economical and easy-to-install range of flooring products. With an aim to forge a stronger connect with audiences across the country, this campaign will go live in various regions, complemented by the involvement of regional influencers.

Festivals in India are often seen as occasions for new beginnings. This is the spirit that drives people across the country to welcome a sense of newness into their homes, be it by making new investments, buying new clothes and other household items, or renovating the entire house. Building on this tradition, Welspun Flooring is encouraging its customers to make the brand part of their renovation projects by making it easy and affordable for Indians to redo their flooring with their proprietary ‘Click-N-Lock’ tiles.

Furthermore, Welspun Flooring has upgraded its website with an Augmented Reality (AR)-powered visualization platform Roomvo, an industry-first innovation in India’s flooring space, to streamline and accelerate the process of picking the right flooring option. Through the campaign, the brand will ask influencers on popular social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook to create customized floor designs on the app and encourage their audience to engage with the platform. The influencers will also weigh traditional flooring techniques against Welspun Flooring’s new, faster and easy-to-install ‘Click-N- Lock’ technology. Moreover, as part of the influencer marketing strategy, the brand is incentivizing people to submit their flooring designs on the WFL website to avail of a 20% discount on the WFL range of products.


Besides this, the brand is releasing a digital film with Amitabh Bachchan. Dressed in festive attire in a room decorated with warmly lit fairy lights, lamps and diyas, the actor talks about Indians’ preference for renovating their homes but not their flooring. With Welspun Flooring’s promise of a fast and hassle-free installation, the Bollywood superstar assures the audience that they too can change their flooring in “less than a day”.

Speaking on the campaign, Ms. Manjari Upadhye, CEO – Domestic Business, Welspun Flooring commented, “Festivals are occasions for Indians to buy new things and redecorate their homes. However, the pre-festive redecor of Indian customers typically do not include new flooring designs mainly on account of the hassle involved. Our latest ‘Flooring Makeover in a Day' campaign is dedicated to challenging this convention by enabling aesthetics-conscious Indian customers to upgrade their flooring along with the rest of their home décor. Using a blend of influencer and celebrity-led marketing, we aim to raise awareness of our ‘Click-N-Lock’ range of flooring products that, as opposed to conventional flooring options, can be installed in less than a day.” 

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Gaurav Sarda, Head of Marketing, Welspun Flooring said, “Flooring makeover is usually excluded from the list of home renovation on account of the hassles involved. Welspun Flooring is geared to change this dynamic by allowing Indians to augment their home decor this festive season through our eclectic, easy-to-install range of flooring products. Leveraging a strategic combination of OTT and OOH advertising, our cross-channel campaign aims to raise awareness about the Welspun Flooring’s Click-N-Lock tiles, helping our customers take new steps forward, literally."

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