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Women Comedians present a hilarious take on dating in India

Shonda Rhimes said, “Words have power…”, ever wondered what empowerment looks like packaged as a joke? From Hannah Gatsby to the fictional Mrs. Maisel, what we know is that a stand-up comedy act is funny of course, but also a ringing statement. As a part of their first 360-degree campaign in India “Find My Kind”, OkCupid partnered with six (6) comediennes including Urooj Ashfaq and Prashasti Singh,  to bring #MyKindOfFunny, to three sold-out venues in India.

As an on-ground extension of their first 360-degree brand campaign in India “Find My Kind”, the comedy tour #MyKindOfFunny captured the essence of being an Indian millennial, the humorous challenges of dodging the demands of society, family and parents while addressing their own wants and needs. Taking a humorous take in addressing a contextual question about how dating is different from 50 years ago and now, one of the comedians said - ‘ 50 years ago, dating was marriage’ leaving the audience in splits. Comediennes Urooj Ashfaq, Prashati Singh, Shreeja Chaturvedi, Aishwarya, Sejal Bhatt and Nivedita Packiasami introduced a hilarious take on this idea with their observations ranging from conservative family dynamics in the age of online dating to why you really can’t date your Uber driver even if your friends are setting you up with the wrong people(all the more reason to get on OkCupid!). 

With sold-out shows in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, the comedy tour was roaring success. Commenting on audience responses, Shruti Gupta, Brand Manager, OkCupid India, says “We started off this conversation wanting to create a property that was light-hearted. What we got was a power-packed series of truth bombs packaged as jokes. These women are incredible— in the stories they tell and the depth of their observations. I had such a great time as an audience member and looking around me it was clear that Millennial India is clear about wanting to forge their own path in the lives they lead and the relationship they choose. OkCupid is constantly encouraging people to choose their own path to love and this time we get to do it amongst a roar of laughter”

Speaking about her experience on the shows Urooj Ashfaq said , “The OkCupid shows were so fun to perform at! It was an all women line up and the overall vibe of all the shows were just free and open, the audience was also super receptive and it was a brilliant experience performing” and Shreeja Chaturvedi also agreed with her response; "As a dating platform, OkCupid is pretty effective. Being a part of their #MyKindOfFunny stand up tour across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi recently was great as they were genuinely some of the most amazing shows I have done personally, especially because I got a chance to work with cool and talented set of people like Aishwarya, Prashahwini, Surbhi, Urooj and Nivedita."

Millennials today want to find their kind of a partner, not their parents’ or their friends’, and this ideology is definitely supported by the masses, considering the smashing success of OkCupid’s #FindMyKind campaign. Apart from the sold-out on ground shows of #MyKindof Comedy tour, influencer engagement from the campaign alone generated over 5 million impressions while the TVC has been viewed over 10 million times over the past two months. In fact, the background score from the TVC has been loved by the audience so much that people have made covers of it to share online. The demand for the background score was so high, that OkCupid finally had to release the song on so that audiences could enjoy it.  


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