Zivame is well poised to consolidate its leadership in intimate wear: Khatija Lokhandwala

Zivame, one of the leading online lingerie brands, recently launched its latest campaign – #WearYourConfidence. The film showcases women across various life stages and different situations, confidently seizing the day with the right intimate wear by their side.

In an interaction with Adgully, Khatija Lokhandwala, Head of Marketing, Zivame, speaks at length about the latest campaign - #WearYourConfidence, emerging trends in consumer behaviour in Tier 2 and 3 cities, changing mindsets about intimate wear in India, Zivame’s focus areas for 2023, and more.

Women are now more vocal about their needs and know their preferences. What kind of changes have you noticed in consumer behaviour trends, especially in the Tier 2 and 3 cities?

Women are becoming more vocal about their needs, differences may hold definitely true for outerwear and apparel. But it is different when it comes to intimate wear as a segment. 

Lingerie has always been the 'unmentionable' category, characterized by lack of conversations around it. Even the conversations that took place, were done in hushed tones with a sense of embarrassment but things have changed, there is a lot more dialogue today.

Women are no longer shy in expressing their opinions on a category that forms an essential part of their wardrobe and are seeking to discover, explore and experiment with their looks. They are seeking information on what is suitable and what is not and are willing to push the boundaries of their modesty while still retaining control over how the world looks at her.

 The meaning of lingerie is changing from being an imposition to being a true enabler of personal style and body flair and Zivame has played a pivotal role of a catalyst in growing the category and shifting perceptions. From providing a platform that allows privacy and ease of shopping in a sensitive category to an inclusive range of products that serves different body types and sizes, Zivame has made it easier for consumers to navigate and explore this category.

Zivame also introduced the unique FITCODE that replaces the measuring tape! The Zivame  Fitcode has been created for India- using the measurements of millions of Indian women. Zivame’s Fitcode is designed not just to help one find their right size and profile but also recommends styles suitable for one’s needs.

A few years back, we launched the “Pair it right” campaign, where the insight was that a lot of women have two-three bras in their drawers, which are worn with any kind of outfit. But today, I think if you ask a woman, she will have at least 9-10 bras in her wardrobe. She knows that with every outfit change that she needs, the bra style will have to change. She is wearing a T-shirt with a different kind of bra, with a saree it is different and so on. I believe that women have honestly understood the importance of pairing the correct intimate wear with their outerwear, and they understand how their outerwear looks can get elevated.



What was the core idea behind Zivame’s latest campaign - #WearYourConfidence and what has the audience response been like?

I think what the latest campaign does is that it strengthens the positioning of body confidence that is owned by Zivame. That’s the space that Zivame has built over the last couple of years. Our last campaign – ‘Dekho Maine Kya Kiya’ – was also about body confidence. #Wearyourconfidence campaign is based on a very simple insight, that is, no matter how your life is, no matter what stage of life you are in, every day requires a certain confidence. When you get the right intimate wear that is designed for your body, it kind of empowers you to confidently take on any day and take on any situation. That’s the insight that the campaign is based on. It showcases how confidently women across various life stages are seizing the day with the right intimate wear by their side. From a teenager taking on a hectic school day with the right support, to a mature woman taking on new fitness challenges with the confidence of the right fit, from a newbie mom handling the challenges of a new life stage without compromising on comfort, to a group of young women enjoying carefree moments of joy – the campaign showcases how the right fit on the inside makes you confident on the outside.


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