Zuno General Insurance organised a unique Dance Challenge

Zuno General Insurance (Formerly Edelweiss General Insurance), a new-age digital insurer organised the #GrooveToZunoRap Dance Challenge to drive brand engagement with the stakeholders in a unique way. The challenge aims to showcase the energy and the drive through which the company wants to reimagine the world of insurance to make it easy, friendly, and transparent.

In a bid to establish its refreshed brand identity, Zuno General Insurance, released a groovy rap number, featuring its own employees. The rap anthem, dubbed as the Zuno rap, brings to life the high energy and new-age thinking of Zuno General Insurance, an organization that aims to reimagine the world of insurance to it easy, friendly, and transparent.

The Zuno rap depicted the brand ethos and established a strong brand identity for the company while also amping up enthusiasm among internal stakeholders.

Commenting on the rap, Rakesh Kaul, Chief Distribution Officer, Zuno General Insurance said, “We are elated about the enthusiasm around our #GrooveToZunoRap initiative, which aimed to showcase Zuno GI's upbeat, approachable, and innovative brand personality through the universal language of dance. Featuring our employees in the rap anthem was a no-brainer, as they embody the values and purpose of our organization and serve as true ambassadors and the voice of our brand. As the heroes of Zuno, their involvement has made the rebranding exercise more inclusive.

Our employees mainly fall into the Millennial and Gen Z groups, which aligns with the target audience we want to resonate with. By collaborating with 10-15 talented dance influencers and our incredible community of participants, we have been able to capture the essence of our mission to make insurance easy, friendly, and transparent. We are committed to building on this momentum and continuing to engage with our stakeholders in unique and meaningful ways, speaking the language of our customers.”

#GrooveToZunoRap Challenge

To build brand visibility and drive engagement in a unique way, the brand collaborated with the influencers with #GrooveToZunoRap Dance Challenge, each showcasing their unique moves on the Zuno rap and creating signature dance steps. This collaboration helped to amplify the campaign and encouraged employees and social media users to participate in the dance challenge.

The #GrooveToZunoRap campaign received participation from social media users and internal employees sharing their dance reels and nominating their friends to take the challenge on Instagram. This unique and engaging campaign ran from April 21st and culminated on International Dance Day, April 29th.

V Unbeatable, known for their captivating and energetic performances and winner of AGT The Champions S2 and Dance Plus 4 finalists, will help Zuno GI with selecting the top 3 entries of the #GrooveToZunoRap dance challenge, adding to the thrill and excitement of the challenge.

The winners of the challenge announced today are Kanchan ( Performance), Shambhu Dance Academy (Performance) and Rohit (Performance) that received a gift vouchers of Rs. 5000 each.  The campaign was a huge success as it reached 1.2M+ people (Impressions being 1.2 M) with an engagement of 28K+ and the campaign garnered 70K+ views.

Zuno General Insurance (formerly known as Edelweiss General Insurance) has rebranded itself to resonate better with the Millennial and Gen Z audience and to communicate its position as a digital insurer that is innovative, approachable, and upbeat. The new brand name "Zuno," derived from "Zeal" and "Uno," reflects the company's commitment to simplifying insurance through innovative products, addressing customer pain points, and using technology to enable seamless connections and convenience.


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