Zypp Electric announces rap song honoring delivery partners

Zypp Electric, India's leading tech-enabled EV-as-a-service platform, is proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative to honor the invaluable contribution of delivery partners across India. In a pioneering move within the industry, Zypp Electric has released a rap song dedicated to the unsung heroes of delivery services.

Titled "Hum Hai Bhaiya Delivery Boys," the song aims to shed light on the relentless hustle and dedication of delivery boys in fulfilling the daily needs of millions. Through this initiative, Zypp Electric seeks to amplify the voices of these hardworking individuals and celebrate their unwavering commitment to service.

Commenting on the motivation behind the song, Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Zypp Electric, remarked, "Delivery partners are the backbone of our last mile logistics industry, yet their tireless efforts often go unnoticed. From navigating through traffic-choked streets to braving inclement weather conditions, these unsung heroes work tirelessly to ensure timely deliveries of essential goods. With this rap song, we aim to shine a spotlight on their extraordinary journey, capturing the challenges they face and the resilience they demonstrate each day. Through powerful lyrics and stirring beats, we hope to amplify their voices and convey the depth of their dedication. It's time to recognize and celebrate the indomitable spirit of these hardworking individuals who keep our communities connected and thriving."

The song features the talents of Akshay, also known as Akki Rap King, a promising artist from Muzaffarnagar renowned for his authentic storytelling and raw lyricism. With his distinct style and heartfelt delivery, Akshay brings to life the experiences and emotions of delivery boys, making "Hum Hai Bhaiya Delivery Boy" a powerful anthem of recognition and appreciation.

Speaking about his involvement in the project, Akshay aka Akki Rap King expressed, "I am honored to lend my voice to this meaningful initiative by Zypp Electric. Delivery boys are the unsung heroes of our society, and it's time we acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Through this rap song, I hope to convey their stories with honesty and respect."

Hum Hai Bhaiya Delivery Boy" Rap Song has released on 13th March 2024 across various digital platforms. Please follow the link below to listen to the rap song:


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