1 in 3 Indians want Govt to increase spends on Refugees during COVID19

June 20th was World Refugee Day. At least 1 in 3 Indians (33%) want the government to increase spends in supporting refugees during COVID19. While 32% feel we should continue to spend the same as last year. While 25% will like the govt to curtail the spends.

Globally, Indians continue to be some of the most benevolent towards refugees, post COVID19. 17% want to be more open and accepting, 34% are the same as before and 41% are less open towards more refugees. If we compare it with the global trend, then India is 2nd most kind after Saudi Arabia. Russia is at the bottom of the heap with 2% more open, 18% staying the same and 66% less open. Global citizens too are 10% more open, 30% staying the same and 49% staying less open.

The Ipsos global survey shows Indians continue to be benevolent towards those who are victims of war and persecution, with at least 61% Indians approving of such people taking refuge in India or other countries, though there is a 4% drop from 2019 (65%).

How about the regular influx of refugees?

We see hardening of stand with at least 68% of urban Indians polled believing that we should close our borders to refugees entirely as there is no scope for handling more. In fact, there is a 4% increase since 2019, of those endorsing this view.

Indians wary of real motives for asylum

“3 in 4 urban Indians (74%) are skeptical of the motives for seeking refuge – there is a feeling, most come for economic reasons or to avail the welfare schemes. This view has further increased since 2019 (70%),” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.

Malaysia too strongly (75%) holds this view and is wary of the real motives for seeking refuge. A 14% jump from 2019 (61%). 

Russia (74%) and Turkey (72%) too are doubtful of the motives of refugees.

Canada on the contrary is polarized in its perception of refugees – 44% are skeptical, while 45% view refugees on face value and are welcoming towards them.

Integration of Refugees

While most markets will view it as a positive trait of how quickly the refugees can integrate themselves with the local market; in India refugees tend to quickly blend themselves with the locals, it is difficult to tell them apart from locals and there is why India is grappling with the mass influx of refugees who have now Indian citizenship using fraudulent means. It is a nightmare for India.


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