#AbBasWorkIndia empowers and connects blue-collar workers with recruiters

WorkIndia, India’s largest tech platform for blue-collar recruitment, has launched its latest campaign, #AbBasWorkIndia, showcasing its unique calling model. This model addresses various challenges faced by blue-collar workers in the hiring process. With a humorous tone, the campaign aims to highlight the brand's key propositions and empower job seekers to find employment with ease.

WorkIndia's calling approach, which started in 2017, has become an industry standard, distinguishing it from traditional job marketplaces. The 24-hour hiring method used by WorkIndia eliminates the lengthy wait times that candidates typically experience during the hiring process. Blue-collar workers have direct access to connect with recruiters, without having to wait for employers to approach them first. By allowing candidates to directly call employers, WorkIndia reverses the hiring process, providing transparency and efficacy speeding up the entire hiring process by 85.7% and reduces hiring costs by 53.8%. This feature empowers job seekers to connect promptly with companies, ensuring a streamlined and effective hiring experience.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Kunal Patil, Co-Founder and CEO, at WorkIndia, " At WorkIndia, we identified a gap in the market where blue collared workers were unable to access legitimate employment opportunities. Our calling model gives job seekers the ability to connect directly with employers, eliminating the barriers that often exist in traditional job portals. We believe in transparency, efficiency, and providing blue collar workforce with meaningful livelihoods."

Under the overarching theme of #AbBasWorkIndia, the campaign features a series of videos, each lasting between 35 to 40 seconds. These videos will emphasizing key features of the platform such as jobs near the candidate's location, and the ability to call an HR directly and set up interviews.

The new campaign has been conceptualized in-house and will primarily run as a digital campaign. It builds on the success of previous video releases by the platform, creating engaging and relatable content for its audience.

Through #AbBasWorkIndia campaign, the platform aims to bring the benefits of its unique calling model to the forefront, catering to the needs of blue-collar workers and transforming the hiring landscape for job seekers. The company has helped identify several fraud jobs through its verification module, thus providing blue-collar workers with authentic jobs.

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