ABP News launches new daily show ‘2024 Taiyari Shuru’

In keeping with its commitment of bringing its viewers a detailed analysis of the political developments of the country, in the run up to the 2024 general elections, ABP News has started a new daily show 2024 Taiyari Shuru. The show will be airing from 6pm to 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

The show 2024 Taiyari Shuru is going to explore the poignant questions surrounding the upcoming Lok Sabha elections of 2024. The show features fluid format of debates, stories and interactive presentation of data to understand the emerging trends and public opinion when viewed from the lens of 2024 elections. The show will have a special focus on the daily news and events which are relevant in the bigger picture of the general elections and will have a special daily opinion poll feature for the latest news and events relevant to the elections. The show will be anchored by ABP News’ seasoned anchor Romana Isar Khan who will lend her unique presenting style and audience engagement expertise to highlight the critical issues as they come up in the run up to the 2024 elections.

ABP News has a rich expertise in covering political landscape across the country. ABP News has undertaken massive investments and capacity building in terms of technology to bring its viewers the latest political happenings. During the recently held assembly elections in 5 states, ABP News offered a whole host of in-depth analysis and innovative news format which helped the audiences to connect with their leaders.

ABP News’ and CVoter’s opinion and exit polls have comprehensively predicted the correct outcome including predicting BJP’s return in the electorally significant UP assembly elections. ABP News also holds the most popular election properties including the storytelling shows like Kaun Banega Pradhanmantri and Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri which have the audiences glued to their screens for the bold and immersive storytelling from ABP News’ dynamic presenters.

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