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Adgully Live | adasia 2011: Day 3, Session 1; Global Ethos: Managing Unpredictability across circumstances of Life & Business

The last day at Adasia 2011 began on a very highly positive and spiritual note. Spiritualism has dominated the collective consciousness of India for centuries. The world is now taking note of this and has started adopting it - albeit at varying degrees of depth - across life & business. Indian corporations, in many cases, have seamlessly synthesized spiritualism & strategy wherein, apart from managing diverse complexities of business, spiritualism has acted as a great cushion to confront the challenges of a multi-speed world. Since, ‘feeling’ influences ‘thinking’, which in turn affects ‘behavior’ which finally results in impacting ‘character’ & ‘destiny’, this session will help connect all the dots of life & business.
Speaking on this occasion, Swami Sukhabodhananda, Founder & Chairman, Prasanna Trust on this occasion citied numerous examples from the Bhagwat Gita and related them to concepts of global chaos, ethos, pathos.
He said, “People in today’s world miss out the ecstasy in life. Humans today mistake pleasure as joy and flow with the issue. Suggesting simple rules of dealing in life, be it professional or personal said, “Problems will continue in life, but the trick is how would face the challenges of life and enjoy it.”
Swami Sukhabodhananda enthralled the audiences with delightful anecdotes. He said, “The global community is facing the problem of consumerism; but I do not see a conflict between consumerism / materialism and spirituality. What one needs to do in this situation is not to function from the arrogant ‘I’ factor, but take the innocent ‘I’ route.”
He concluded the session by saying, “ We define our success by comparing it with other’s failure or vice versa; but this is incorrect. All we need to do is define ourselves first, rest all will involuntarily follow the desired path.”

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