AgTalk | The economic situation has never come in the way of Noshe in achieving its deliverables: Noshe's Asheesh Sethi

Aneesh Sethi
Aneesh Sethi

Beginning its journey on a humble note way back in 1989, the Delhi based Noshe Group promoted by  Asheesh Sethi has come a long way. With offices in 14 locations, the group today has presence across the communications verticals. It  started with Noshe Oceanic Advertising, followed by Stoots India Productions and Noshe PR. Right from making saucy television commercials to ground activation, interactive, events, PR and fine art, the group has done it all. It has evolved into an organization and is a growing dynamic communication group. Adgully spoke to Asheesh Sethi, president, Noshe Group on the journey so far and the road ahead. Following is the excerpts of the interview.

Adgully (AG): When you started Noshe group what were the three basic tenets on which the foundation of the company was laid.
Asheesh Sethi (AS): Ideas, Innovations and Hard Work are the three main tenets that helped laying the foundation of the company. I started the Noshe Group practicing these and since then there has been no looking back. Think Big is what I truly believe in. And today I am proud to say that not only did we think big but we made it big as well.
AG: What have been some of the stumbling blocks in your way and how have you coped up with them.
AS: Stumbling blocks, hurdles, obstacles are a given. One has to face and overcome them in order to make a place for oneself in today’s world and Noshe was no different. We’ve had our share of ups and downs but with the best expertise in every field and the good luck of working with the best and brightest brands in the business, we have had no problem overcoming them, the result being smooth sailing from then onwards.
The support, management and skills of all these put together have brought Noshe to a stage where stumbling blocks are now just two dictionary word for us.
AG: What would you attribute your success to?
AS: Noshe has been successful and has come up a long way owing to the hard work and commitment of its team, the urgency to deliver the best in the least turnaround time and to bring not only quantity but also quality to our work. Thanks to these attributes we have a large satisfied database today.
AG: We hear that you believe in integration and demarcation together as you feel they bring in balance of strategy for advertising, marketing and communication. Would you want to elaborate a bit on this?
AS: Integration is absolute power generation, when vital processes synergize to churn out one single, potent force. It’s the power of networking. It’s the power of cohesiveness. It’s the power of synergy. At Noshe Group, it is this integration that unites the forces of Advertising, Media, PR and Films into a cohesive effort directed at offering the brand the 360-degree advantage. This integration, this power is all about maximizing the consumer – brand experience across all touch points.
Following this notion, Noshe Group offers the following integrated    forces all under one roof:
  • Advertising
  • Film Production
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Buying
AG: You have made your presence felt in the entire domain of media/advertising what opportunity did you spot in each domain that you expanded.
AS: To reach to a stage where your presence is felt in the market and you have brands talking about you is what every organization’s dream is. And yes, Noshe has reached a level where it has become a point of discussion in the advertising and media world. As far as opportunities are concerned, I can honestly say that for us every opportunity matters, big or small we try to harness’s all our strengths. Building brands from scratch to know all is the strategy we follow and god has been kind.
We are happy and proud to state that Noshe has been reporting 25 – 30 per cent robust growth annually. Having said all this, we are still hungry for more opportunities and are eager to learn and achieve more.
AG: Some of your best works till date in each domain.
AS: To name a few, Baksons Homeopathy and Spaze Infrastructure are the two main clients, promoting who can be considered as a challenge as well as our best work till date.
Baksons Homeopathy: Its amongst the first homeopathy healthcare brand that ventured into the market. They came to us at a time when healthcare wasn’t as lucrative segment as we see now. Noshe planned and strategized this venture in a way that highlighted the USP of the brand and set it apart amongst its competitors. We translated all the research done by our team about the sector into effective brand strategies. Today, I can proudly say that ever since Bakson’s Homeopathy and Noshe joined hands, there has been no looking back for either of us.
Spaze Infrastructure primarily focuses its energies towards offering land development and qualitative real estate solutions for the corporate industry. Living in an era of cut throat competition among formidable competitors Noshe showcased its strength by focussing on leading market products. The result is clearly visible as the entity has grown from a zero to a Rs 10,000 crore entity in just three years.
AG: What target have you set for yourself and your team for 2012.
AS: We do not set any targets or goals for us, as every new hour gives us a new opportunity. All I would like to say here is that I expect this year to be challenging and equally promising for us as was the year that went by. The year has started for us on a promising note with the addition of some esteemed clients in the kitty. Our attempt is to empower our clients with the “power of integration” which we know and consider ourselves to do it best.
AG: Given the current economic situation how would you look at strengthening and empowering your team and Noshe group at large?
AS: The economic situation has never come in the way of Noshe in achieving its deliverables. In fact even when the recession had hit the nation, Noshe was up and running its business. Unlike other agencies and companies in the industry, we were highly optimistic and rather than cutting down the salaries of the employees, we gave away increments.
But yes, rather than worrying about economic situations, we are now looking at completely revamping Noshe wherein along with our present skilled, multi-disciplinary team of senior and extremely enthusiastic professionals we are now rigorously looking young talents who want to mark their place in the advertising and media business. We are looking at a completely different outlook for Noshe in the upcoming years.
AG: Any word of advice or caution for today’s youngsters who are trying to make a mark for themselves in the industry.
AS: Hard work, perseverance to deliver and time management are the three most important things to remember in order to carve a niche for yourself in the so ill-perceived glamorous world of advertising.



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